Where is 'Euphoria' based? The inspo behind the teen drama series

If you were curious, 'Where is Euphoria based?' you are certainly not alone—it's not terribly clear

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Fan are wondering, "Where is Euphoria based" even though we're a mere two weeks away from the sophomore season finale—better late than never, right? 

Unlike its somewhat anonymous location, it's no secret that the HBO series is the talk of the town. Euphoria makeup looks are all the rage, meanwhile, Rue and her crew have earned a coveted spot on the list of most fashionable TV shows thanks to their fierce fashion. (Psst: see where they all stack up on this list of TV style icons.)

So, even though we're so wrapped up in this fictional drama and Euphoria season 3 has just been confirmed, no one is exactly sure where the hit is based. Not to worry! We'll fill you in.

Where is 'Euphoria' based?

Though the palm trees and sunshine might've given it away, Euphoria is based in California in the fictional town of East Highland, which Rue (Zendaya) describes as a middle-class suburb. The creators are seemingly keen on letting the universal themes speak for themselves and do not let the locale factor into the plot too much. 

When it comes to the creator Sam Levinson, it was more about the cast than anything else. In a tell-all with Entertainment Weekly, he said: 

"Our goal was to try to cast a mix of actors and non-actors so we sent scouts throughout the country. We found actors in malls in Ohio and down in Florida and it was more about finding the right mix of people who can handle the material and other people who bring a certain kind of uncontrollable spirit and life to it, that is sort of authentic to who they are."

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As far as where said "right mix of people" go to create the show, sources revealed that Euphoria is filmed in Southern California. You might even recognize a few locations, including Ulysses S. Grant High School, where some of the best teen movies on Netflix, Hulu and beyond were filmed. (Ferris Beuller, anyone?)

According to Decider, other West Coast hot spots that have made a cameo in the series include: Bowlium Lanes in Montclair, Frank’s Coffee Shop in Burbank and Odd Ball Cabaret in North Hills, to name just a few.

We definitely sensed some Cali vibes, even if it wasn't explicitly clear. Don't you think?

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Now that the latest episodes are winding down, we are hoping for redemption for Rue and we are anxious to see where the series takes things next. (Barrbie Ferreira, Euphoria's Kat Hernandez has a particularly unusual storyline, which allegedlly is a result of a real-life feud with Levinson.) 

Regardless of what the fictional teens will encounter in the future, it's safe to say they plenty of fans are eager to tag along for the ride, no matter how difficult the subject matter might be.

The season 2 finale of Euphoria airs on February 27 at 9pm on HBO Max.

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