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Alexa Demie, "Euphoria" Season 2 (2022) Episode 2.
(Image credit: Alamy / Eddy Chen/ HBO Max/ The Hollywood Archive)

With every new episode of Euphoria Season 2 comes more and more hair and makeup inspo—dunno about you, but we're still rocking our eye rhinestones. Simply searching Euphoria will bring a myriad of makeup lovers recreating the looks, and there's one character that appears over and over again...Maddy. 

Doing the most to fuel our 2000s nostalgia, Maddy serves look after look (after look) of aesthetically pleasing and super cool beauty moments. If you ask us, Maddy has single-handedly made silver eyeshadow and mermaid waves cool again. If you’re lucky enough to have her as your Euphoria character star sign or just want to live your best Euphoria life and recreate her looks, you’ve come to the right place.

We've spoken to experts at WeThrift and got them to share the tools and products you need to recreate Maddy’s most popular looks and thanks to TikTok’s we’ve also got all the step-by-step visuals.  So without further ado grab your brushes and gel, it's about to get very retro over here…

1. The Zig-Zag headband

This look from Episode 2 is already iconic and is so far one of the most recreated. For this looks you’ll need to brush out your hair and then use a zigzag hairband, which is what is used on Maddy's hair to create the ridges. Trend Specialist Nick Drewe then says to make sure you ‘tease’ the back of your hair with a brush for extra volume.

Alternatively, you can also use a normal hairband to create that bump, with the majority of your hair pushed back. In many of the tutorials, fans have also been sectioning out the front of their hair with elastics, almost like tiny ponytails at the front of the hair. However, while this creates a very similar look, a zigzag hairband will be kinder on your hair.


♬ Still Don't Know My Name - Labrinth

Once the front of your hair is done, then take your gel to smooth down flyaways. Those with edges, you can then style them—Maddy styles hers with a curl down the side of her face. Drewe says If you don’t already own a gel brush, “find an old toothbrush and use that instead—but make sure it’s clean before using.” 

2. Slick bun

This look was a hot trend in 2021, thanks to the likes of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, and thanks to Maddy it looks like it’s going to continue to be a staple cool-girl look this year too.

To achieve the perfect slicked back bun, Drewe recommends a bristle brush as this will catch all the flyaways and really help you slick down the hair. Then use your favorite gels, making sure to leave two, face-framing strands behind.

If you struggle to get your hair into a bun, try tying it into a high ponytail first and then twisting the hair around and securing with a second hairband. For added glitz, you can add some rhinestones to your middle parting.

This look is just perfect for bad hair days or for looking like a real badass on a night out.

3. Curly glam bun

This look features a messy, loose bun, with the same front strands as the slick bun but curled. Drewe recommended using hairpins, to secure the loose hairpieces in your messy bun.

The glam bun is perfect for those we aren’t yet pro’s as the slick bun—because it’s meant to look a little bit more messy and effortless.

As TikToker @avasalmaci and @destineewrayy show us, it's so easy to do and so pretty!


♬ Formula - Labrinth

♬ Formula - Labrinth

4.  Off duty beret 

Alexa Demie, "Euphoria" Season 2 (2022) Episode 2

(Image credit: Alamy / Eddy Chen/ HBO Max/ The Hollywood Archive)

While a beret is more of a fashion statement rather than a hair look—it can be a real life-savior on a bad hair day. Maddy wear’s her hair down with the beret on top. This look is pretty straightforward but a good trick is to secure the beret to your hair with hairpins.

Drewe also adds: “If you don't naturally have long hair add some clip-in extension to make the look come together.”  Plus the beret will perfectly conceal them!

5.  Mermaid waves  

One of our all-time favorites, Maddy’s mermaid waves can be achieved in many ways —with or without heat. Drewe suggests sleeping with braids or plaits in, but you can also use straighteners to create subtle bumps. 

If you’re really wanting to go all out, you can also buy hair wavers that are designed to give you this exact look.

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