How to style a hat—if you're not a hat person

Learn how to style a hat because comfy casual is in.

Alessandra Huynh @atiashuynh wears a fluffy colorful bob hat from Asos, a tie and dye multicolor top from Asos with printed patterns, a brown short vintage dress, on March 24, 2021 in Paris, France.
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If you're wondering how to style a hat then look no further—they get a bad rep but wearing one doesn't have to be difficult.

This season comfortable clothing has taken a front seat in style with elevated basics forming the basis of our capsule wardrobe. But when it comes to adding your own stamp to your look—whether it's a pair of the best huggie earrings or a trendy hat—one of the most important parts is choosing the right accessories. 

But there's one accessory that is able to divide a room, and that is the hat. The hat is being favored more than all the others by celebrities and fashion influencers. Lately, style icons have started incorporating casual hats into their outfits creating a comfy chic look that can easily be recreated on most outfits.

For those who aren't a fan of hats or are unsure how to style them, there are several easy ways to incorporate them into your outfits, while still looking trendy. Just look to celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, Doja Cat, and Ella Emhoff who are proving bucket hats, floppy hats, and the classic baseball cap are fashionable.

How to style hats into your outfits

If you're ever having a bad hair day hats are one of the best ways to look trendy, feel good, and they'll help keep your hair out of your face. Depending on what hat you choose to wear, it can help frame your face and make your outfit seem more complete.

This season, floppy hats, bucket hats, and baseball caps have become some of the most popular styles to choose from. Each fit is versatile enough to pair with a simple dress, casual jeans, or even the best pair of leggings with pockets. Need some inspiration? We found some of the best outfits put together by celebrities and influencers below for you to incorporate into your wardrobe.

How to wear a baseball cap

Traditionally, we think of baseball caps paired with jeans and a tee shirt, but model Emily is showing you can pair this accessory with a cute dress. In a recent post on Instagram, she stepped out in a white body-con dress paired with a bright orange purse and a classic pair of white sneakers. Normally, the dress and purse alone would make this outfit more dressy, but by incorporating the sneakers and bold green baseball cap, it turns into a trendy street-style outfit. 

In another posted recently, she wore a red baseball cap with a tailored jacket, proving that baseball caps, can and do go with everything. 

For those lazy Sundays or on the days you want a comfy stylish fit, pairing your best athleisure outfit with a basic baseball cap will make you fit perfect for staying in and meeting up with friends. Just look at how this fashion influencer did it below.

How to style a bucket hat

It's no secret that 90's fashion trends are having a moment—the fashion world is here for it—and amongst them is the humble bucket hat. The Vice President's stepdaughter Ella Emhoff is just one of the many style icons who has been spotted wearing one. 

The fashion designer took to social media to show off her green knit bucket hat paired with a mix of patterns and neon colors. Mixing patterns has become increasingly popular this year and the artist effortlessly executes this creating a bold, yet edgy look.

For those who prefer a more toned-down look, then finding a basic color or even a denim texture is perfect for pairing with a similar colored graphic tee and pants like the model Astrid Andersen. 

How to style a floppy hat

While some hats can dress an outfit down, styles like floppy hats can add a touch of elegance to your fit. Some of the best pieces to pair a straw floppy hat is with a pair of trousers, heels, and a matching blazer. Doja Cat displays this in an Instagram post where she poses in a light green striped suit, bra, and white open-toed heels.

You don't always have to pair a hat with a pattern either. One fashion blogger decided to pair a simple black floppy hat with a white tiered mini-dress, black boots, and a black purse creating a look made in monochrome heaven. No patterns were used, instead, she used a floppy hat and other accessories to create a put-together complete look.

No matter what kind of outfit you're putting together, adding in a hat is the easiest way to amplify a look, according to the stars.

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