Best huggie earrings: stylish hoop earrings for all budgets

Searching for the best huggie earrings? From treat buy to budget-friendly, discover our top hoop earring picks.

Woman with bob hair wearing Tada & Toy capulet huggies
(Image credit: Tada Toy)

Ear piercing fan in need of a new jewellery fix? Huggies are an easy go-to, whether it’s a loungewear or dressed-up over Zoom kinda day.  Hinged small hoops placed through a piercing and clicked shut, they hug the earlobe (hence their name). Going full circle right around your lobe, wear them as a single pair or stack ‘em up. So if you want to bring the bling to any outfit, we’re here to help you find the best huggie earrings to suit both your personality and price range.

After putting a few pairs to the test, our favourite huggies are the standout quality, classically stylish Scream Pretty’s Bezel Huggie Hoop Earrings with Ruby Pink Stones. Small yet sturdy snug huggies, they neatly embellish your ear with four bezel set pink stones. 

And at a higher price point, we equally rate the celestially-adorned, beautifully made Tada & Toy Cosmic Star Tiny Hoops. A more relaxed fit, Tada & Toy’s huggies are lightweight and comfy to wear. We’re feeling starry eyed over their decorative detail.  

How to choose the best huggie earrings for you

Just like all jewellery, selecting the right huggies partly comes down to your own style. Before checking out potential picks, think about whether you want to wear multiple huggies in each ear, go for single pairs or combine with other earring types. Some ear piercings work better with different sized huggies, and that also depends on how high up or into the lobe a hole is set. 

Explore inner diameter sizings to get the best idea about how snugly the huggies will fit. As a general guide, huggies with an inner diameter of 6 or 7mm neatly hug the lobe. A 5mm inner diameter is likely to fit best on an upper lobe piercing, where there’s less space between the hole and edge of your ear. Those of an 8mm inner diameter or more are a looser fit, if you like a little room between huggie and ear - all hail the traditional hoop vibe. Similarly, outer diameter measurements will steer you towards how chunky a piece of jewellery specific huggies are.

Think about material and gemstones, the colours you gravitate towards most, what you fancy spending and whether any metals typically irritate your skin. Same goes for how you feel about lightweight vs chunkier earrings.

Update your ear jewellery, and take a look at our top five tried and tested huggies...

The best huggie earrings you can buy right now


(Image credit: Scream Pretty)

Scream Pretty Bezel Huggie Hoop Earrings with Ruby Pink Stones

The best huggies for everyday style

Metal: 18ct gold plated sterling silver
Inner Diameter: 6mm
Outer Diameter: 11mm
Reasons to buy
+Neatly comfortable+Sparkling bright stones
Reasons to avoid
-Won’t fit higher set piercings

A pink-hued pair in sterling silver with 18ct gold plating, these colourful huggies sit firmly in place on your ear. The four round bezel set stones are pink nano cubic zirconia, and really catch the light. Covering the earring’s front half, their fit creates a delicate scalloped edge. Hard-wearing huggies, the circular shape doesn’t bend with wear and neither does their click post fastening. Size-wise, these earrings are on the daintier side.  They do work well in the lower and main lobe as well as cartilage - but may be too tight to click shut in a larger lobe or higher set piercings. Arriving packaged within a branded box, they’re available in sterling silver with rhodium plating too.


(Image credit: Tada & Toy)

Tada & Toy Cosmic Tiny Star Hoops

The best huggies for a payday treat

Metal: .925 sterling silver
Inner diameter: 10mm
Outer diameter: 12mm
Reasons to buy
+Strong clasp+Intricate detailing
Reasons to avoid
-If you’re looking for snug huggies, these aren’t for you

Sterling silver larger-style huggies, their piece de resistance is four tiny gold-plated stars. Excellent quality earrings, the hinge, clasp and earring shape are impressively robust for hoops. Available in 18ct gold or rose gold plated vermeil on sterling silver with gold or silver accompanying stars - you can pick your favourite colourway. And the option to wear silver and gold together adds extra versatility for accompanying jewellery too. I love stacking mixed metals and this pair ties them all in nicely together. Luxuriously presented, you’ll receive a bundle including care instructions, branded canvas bag with ribbon tie and inside, the huggies in a classic cardboard box. They undoubtedly feel like a special huggies buy, down to every last detail.


(Image credit: Jewellerybox)

Jewellerybox Silver Chain Huggies

The best budget huggies

Metal: .925 sterling silver
Inner diameter: 11.8mm
Outer diameter: 13mm
Reasons to buy
+Value for money+Chain detail
Reasons to avoid
-Not the most delicate piece of jewellery

A pair of sterling silver huggies with on-trend chunky chain detailing, these are your bargain buy coming in at under a tenner. Bigger than a snug-fit huggie, the edgy style matches their larger size. The entire earring hoop (other than its hinge and clasp) is a rigid 3mm wide chain. They are packaged in a cute brown envelope, sealed with a sticker. This lower cost option saves you cash without compromising on style. They are striking hoops and are ideal if you love silver jewellery, with a twist. The chunky composition means they’re in no way flimsy either. Working for each part of the lobe, you can layer up with multiple pairs and build a bolder look.


(Image credit: ARO Jewellery)

ARO Jewellery Beaded Huggies

The best huggies for stacking

Metal: .925 sterling silver
Inner diameter: 6mm
Outer diameter: 9mm
Reasons to buy
+Long-length wear+Work well in cartilage piercings
Reasons to avoid
-Fastening post may bend

ARO Jewellery have a wide range of regularly updated huggies, offering affordable curated ear options aplenty. This sterling silver beaded pair gently hugs the ear, and they are comfy to wear. Perfect for your entire earlobe, insert them up the lower lobe or add into helix piercings. Neat enough to keep on overnight without any metal digging in, their subtle beading effect keeps things interesting on the style front. Once placed in your ear, you forget they’re there and can wear non-stop comfortably. Keep an eye on the click fastening post if taking them in and out everyday, as it can bend. But, these are brilliantly wearable huggies. Plus the boxed earrings arrive complete with colourful affirmation postcards.


(Image credit: My-Wishbone)

My-Wishbone Snowflake Mini Hoop in gold-plated

The best huggies for a drop earring effect

Metal: white gold plated .925 sterling silver
Inner diameter: 7mm
Outer diameter: 10mm
Reasons to buy
+Well secured charm+Delicate drop feature
Reasons to avoid
-Click fastening can take care

A glittering huggie option thanks to its snowflake charm, this petite white gold plated pair adds subtle sparkle. Made up of a main huggie hoop, the firmly fixed charm attachment creates a drop earring. These huggies are a suitable size to work in any ear piercing, sitting snug alongside the lobe. Plus, the charm is small enough not to tangle up in your hair or get twisted round. If you find dangly earrings too heavy but like the drop effect, they’ll fit the bill, being comfy enough to wear for hours on end. Like the ARO pair above, take extra care with their delicate click clasp to avoid bending out of shape. When not glitzing up your ear, pop them in their presentation box.


(Image credit: Seol & Gold)

Seol & Gold Tiny CZ Huggies

The best huggies for a tiny hoop

Metal: 9ct gold
Inner diameter: 5mm
Outer diameter: 7mm
Reasons to buy
+Sturdy hoop+Long-term wear
Reasons to avoid
-Fiddly to put in

Teeny tiny huggies featuring a 2.5mm solitaire cubic zirconia stone, these 9ct gold beauties will delicately decorate your ear. The earrings are delivered in a cotton bag with signature Seol & Gold neon pink and green details. Due to their extra small size, they fit higher lobe piercings and although fiddly to put in, do click into place securely. A top find if you prefer full gold earrings to plating, they lie flat enough to sleep in without any discomfort. So far I’ve worn mine for three months straight and they haven’t tarnished at all. Bringing understated ear bling, these miniature earrings stand up to the task of long term wear while effortlessly layering up with other huggies too.