Best huggie earrings: mini hoops to suit every occasion

The cutest huggie earrings to accessorize every outfit, whether you're looking for luxury or searching for style on a budget

Three of the best huggie earrings on white circles on a pink background
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Huggie earrings are the cute little sister of the classic big hoop, and can be dressed up or down depending on your vibe of choice. While hoop earrings hang from your ear, huggie earrings are designed to—wait for it—'hug' the earlobe instead. They click shut for a secure fit and look great both worn alone or stacked as part of an ensemble of earrings. As they sit close to your ear, they're a great alternative to hoops if you want a comfortable accessory with none of the risk of getting caught in your hair or painfully pulled. 

The great thing about huggie earrings is that, depending on where you're browsing, there are often a choice of sizes so you can decide how snug you'd like the earring to be. There are also a range of shapes to decide on, from classy rounded hoops to flatter styles that have space for some sparkle, and they often come in both gold and silver huggie earrings. Whichever style you're after and whatever your budget, here are some of the best huggie earrings to suit every shopper. 

Meet the expert on the best huggie earrings

  • Helen Dimmick (opens in new tab) is a leading gemmologist and stylist

How to style huggie earrings

Leading gemmologist and stylist Helen Dimmick (opens in new tab) recommends that "for the most effective look, I would mainly choose fine, slender styles and forms but always in multiple pieces… and you can always add a gem for a touch of colour!" The flexibility of huggie styles means "they don’t need to match – an eclectic combination chosen well can be striking."

While Helen loves that "huggies go beautifully with everything", she suggests that when you're choosing your outfit, "high necklines ensure that the focus is on the face and therefore ears" to maximise effect.

The best huggie earrings to shop right now

Whether you're after an everyday staple or looking to emanate the Kate Middleton-approved chunky gold hoops vibe, we put a few pairs to the test to find out where you should invest your money. Our favorite huggies are the standout quality, classically stylish Scream Pretty’s Bezel Huggie Hoop Earrings with Ruby Pink Stones. Small yet sturdy snug huggies, they neatly embellish your ear with four bezel set pink stones. 

And at a higher price point, we equally rate the beautifully made Daisy Jewellery Pink Opal Huggie Earrings. Studded with responsibly sourced pink opal stones, this pair will make you look and feel great. 

A pair of silver huggie earrings from Monica Vinader

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1. Monica Vinader sterling silver and diamond huggie earrings on Vestaire

The best luxury huggies


Metal: Gold plated
Outer diameter: 19mm
RRP: $159/£140

Reasons to buy

Chunky design with real sparkle

Reasons to avoid

Not suitable for those that prefer dainty jewelry

Sold via Vestiaire Collective—our go-to luxury resale store—these are the perfect way to update your earring collection. These sparkling Monica Vinader huggie earrings are studded with no less than 14 diamonds (seven on each earrings), giving a carat value of 0.037cts. Plus, the diamonds are ethically sourced to pair with the best sustainable fashion brands, and with a snap lock closure they'll stay put through your classy evenings out. 

Scream Pretty Bezel Huggie Hoop Earrings with Ruby Pink Stones

(Image credit: Scream Pretty)

2. Scream Pretty Bezel Huggie Hoop Earrings with Ruby Pink Stones

The best huggies for everyday style


Metal: 18ct gold plated sterling silver
Inner Diameter: 6mm
Outer Diameter: 11mm
RRP: $48.70/£40

Reasons to buy

Neatly comfortable
Sparkling bright stones

Reasons to avoid

Won’t fit higher set piercings

A pink-hued pair in sterling silver with 18ct gold plating, these colorful huggies sit firmly in place on your ear. The four round bezel set stones are pink nano cubic zirconia, creating a delicate scalloped edge that catches the light for a rosy sparkle. The circular shape doesn’t bend with wear and neither does their click post fastening, making them a hard-wearing pair that will survive all of your adventures and won't need much fuss to care for. 

Size-wise, these earrings are on the daintier side. They do work well in the lower and main lobe as well as cartilage but may be too tight to click shut in a larger lobe or higher set piercings. Arriving packaged within a branded box, they’re available in sterling silver with rhodium plating, too.

Daisy Jewellery Pink Opal Huggie Earrings 18ct Gold Plate

(Image credit: Daisy Jewellery)

3. Daisy Jewellery Pink Opal Huggie Earrings 18ct Gold Plate

The best huggies to treat yourself with on pay-day


Metal: Recycled Sterling Silver & 18ct Gold Plate
Inner diameter: 10.4mm
RRP : $184/£149

Reasons to buy

Ethically sourced gemstones 
Delicate and elegant design 

Reasons to avoid

Not a very snug fit so best suited to lobe piercings 

Everything about these stunning gold and pink huggie earrings feels luxurious; with responsibly sourced Pink Opal stones that are cut from natural crystals and stones to make each piece unique and 18k gold plating over 100% recycled silver, they're sure to become your go-to accessory for special moments or even an everyday staple. Plus, with pink officially the color of the year, you're also fulfilling one of the major jewelry trends right now! 

Complimentary gift packaging extends the luxury to the experience of unwrapping your new purchase and they even offer free worldwide delivery. If gold isn't your style, there's also the option to get them in silver! 

Sterling Silver Mini Diamante Huggie Earrings

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4. Sterling Silver Mini Diamante Huggie Earrings

The best budget huggies earrings


Metal: Sterling silver
RRP: $20.99/£15

Reasons to buy

Value for money
A nice sparkle from glass diamantes 

Reasons to avoid

Very simple
Will tarnish with contact with water of perfumes

A pair of sterling silver huggies with a glass diamante detail, these are your bargain buy if you're looking for a simple but cute accessory on a budget. At just 2mm wide, they're a perfect addition to an earring stack to add some silver sparkle to your ear ensemble. 

This lower-cost option saves you cash without compromising on style, and could prove to be a vital accessory for the capsule wardrobe as it's simple enough to match with lots of outfits.

Auden Tiny Teardrop Turquoise & Gold Plated Huggie Earrings

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5. Auden Tiny Teardrop Turquoise & Gold Plated Huggie Earrings

The best huggies for a drop earring effect


Metal: Gold plated brass
Drop length: 1cm
RRP: £26

Reasons to buy

Well secured charm
Delicate drop feature

Reasons to avoid

Click fastening can take care

With a gorgeous blue gemstone set in a cute teardrop shape, these gold huggie earrings are great for combining with other pieces but are also pretty enough to steal the show by themselves. The hoop size makes them best to hand from the earlobe, but the charm is small enough not to tangle up in your hair or get twisted around.

If you find dangly earrings too heavy but like the drop effect, they’ll fit the bill, being comfy enough to wear for hours on end. Plus, if blue isn't quite your style, you've got seven equally as stunning colors to choose from—use your color analysis to find the perfect fit! 

Seol & Gold Tiny CZ Huggies

(Image credit: Seol & Gold)

6. Seol & Gold Tiny CZ Huggies

The best huggies for a tiny hoop


Metal: 9ct gold
Inner diameter: 5mm
Outer diameter: 7mm
RRP: $37.85/£32

Reasons to buy

Sturdy hoop
Long-term wear

Reasons to avoid

Fiddly to put in

Teeny tiny huggies featuring a 2.5mm solitaire cubic zirconia stone, these 9ct gold beauties will delicately decorate your ear. The earrings are delivered in a cotton bag with signature Seol & Gold neon pink and green details. Due to their extra small size, they fit higher lobe piercings, and although fiddly to put in, do click into place securely.

A top find if you prefer full gold earrings to plating, they lie flat enough to sleep in without any discomfort. So far, we've worn ours for three months straight and they haven’t tarnished at all. Bringing understated ear bling, these miniature earrings stand up to the task of long-term wear while effortlessly layering up with other huggies, too.

Astrid and Miyu Mystic Crystal Huggies in Gold

(Image credit: Astrid & Miyu)

7. Astrid and Miyu Mystic Crystal Huggies in Gold

The best huggies for a shiny statement look


Metal: 18k gold-plated sterling silver
Inner Diameter: 7mm
Outer Diameter: 9.5mm
RRP: $79/£55

Reasons to buy

Shimmery and stylish 
Lovely design 

Reasons to avoid

Fastening post may bend

Add a bit of sparkle to your ear candy with this gorgeous gold Mystic Crystal huggie by Astrid and Miyu, . While the simple look can be chic, we all love a bit of shimmer every now and again, especially if the rest of your outfit is pretty minimalist.

Jazz things up by wearing this huggie, scattered with an array of white cubic zirconias, with some basic hoops that compliment it. The huggie is made from sterling silver and is plated with 18-karat gold. Keep them in great condition by following this 'how to clean your jewelry pieces' guide. 

Chunky Etched Sunburst Huggie Hoop Earrings

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8. Chunky Etched Sunburst Huggie Hoop Earrings

The best huggies for an edgy look


Metal: 18k gold plated with a brass base
Hoop diameter : 14mm
RRP: $31/£25

Reasons to buy

Has character
Unique design

Reasons to avoid

Doesn't contain real gold but has a brass base

These huggies are perfect for anyone looking to switch things up with an edgy addition to their stack. Unlike your classic go-tos, the chunky style features a cool design that adds a bit more character to your jewelry look, with a sunburst etched into the flat edge.

Pair it with some delicate hoop designs to make it really stand out, or let them be the star of the show for a more minimalist look. 

The Missoma claw huggies are pictured

(Image credit: Missoma)

9. Missoma Claw Huggies

A timeless classic from our go-to jewelry brand


Metal: 18ct gold plated vermeil on sterling silver
RRP: $78/£60

Reasons to buy

Comes in several metals (with stones too)
Timeless design

Reasons to avoid

Can be on the pricey side

With a celebrity fan base that reads like the invite to a swanky red carpet event, Missoma is generally our go-to for all jewelry needs, being one of the best sustainable jewelry brands around. And, when it comes to huggies, there's no exception. 

We love that they come in a few different metals too (18ct Gold Vermeil, Sterling Silver, 18ct Gold Vermeil Pavé, Sterling Silver Pavé, 18ct Gold Vermeil Black Pavé) which means there really is an option to suit everyone (and every budget).

How to choose the best huggie earrings for you

Just like all jewelry, selecting the right huggies partly comes down to your own style. Before checking out potential picks, think about whether you want to wear multiple huggies in each ear, go for single pairs, or combine with other earring types (or check out our guide on how to pick an ear piercing). Some ear piercings work better with different-sized huggies, and that also depends on how high up or into the lobe a hole is set. We've compiled a list of key ear piercing trends you need to know about right now so you can add to your collection. 

Explore inner diameter sizings to get the best idea about how snugly the huggies will fit. As a general guide, huggies with an inner diameter of 6 or 7mm neatly hug the lobe. A 5mm inner diameter is likely to fit best on an upper lobe piercing, where there’s less space between the hole and edge of your ear. Those of an 8mm inner diameter or more are a looser fit, if you like a little room between huggie and ear, all hail the traditional hoop vibe. Similarly, outer diameter measurements will steer you towards how chunky huggies are.

Think about material and gemstones, the colors you gravitate towards most, what you fancy spending and whether any metals typically irritate your skin. The same goes for how you feel about lightweight versus chunkier earrings.

Can you sleep in huggie earrings?

Due to their smaller size, huggie earrings tend to be more comfortable than normal earrings and therefore are comfortable and safe to sleep in. If they cause you discomfort while sleeping however, make sure you remember to take them off before you head to bed. 

Helen Dimmick highlights that "huggies are safer to wear than big hoops as there is less chance of getting them caught on clothing. They are also lighter so don’t put pressure on the earlobe which makes them much more comfortable." 

Are huggie earrings for pierced ears?

Yes—you'll need to have your ears pierced if you want to start wearing huggie earrings!