How to watch 'Love Island UK' season 10 if you want to catch up now that the series has ended

The drama-filled season ended in July, but you can still catch up if you missed it!

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This year's Love Island UK summer series was full of non-stop drama, will-they-won't-they connections, and blasts from the past. So we imagine that you're right there with us when we say we can't believe it's over! The show ended a few weeks ago—but if you need to catch up, rewatch the series, or enjoy some episodes again, this is how to watch Love Island UK.

There were plenty of OMG moments during the 2023 summer series—from Molly Marsh's return to that savage double dumping that sent Elom and Catherine packing, shortly followed by Montel and Leah. Casa Amor was also not without its twists and turns, before Movie Night brought all the secret antics to light and two new bombshells joined the fold—including one of Tyrique's exes. Yep, it was a ride, to say the least, and that was all before the jam-packed final on Monday, July 31, which saw Jess Harding and Sammy Root crowned the winners, scooping the £50,000 prize. 

It's been a few weeks now since the show drew to a close, so if you're keen to rewatch this series, missed a few key episodes, or want to watch the whole thing after missing its original run, here's how to watch Love Island UK, no matter where you are in the world...

How can I watch Love Island UK live abroad?

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Time and date: 9pm BST (5pm ET/ 2pm PT)
Channel: ITV2
Stream: ITVX (free UK streaming service)
Watch anywhere: Stream from anywhere with ExpressVPN

When the show is on and live, Love Island UK is available to watch for free in the UK on ITV2 or online at ITVX (formerly known as the ITV Hub). If you find yourself outside the UK when the series is running, but want to keep up with all the drama in the villa, you can watch using a VPN. A VPN allows you to change your location (in this case, anywhere in the UK would work) and log in to ITVX (a free streaming service). This means that, when the series is airing live, you'll be able to live your best spoiler-free life.

What VPN should I use to watch Love Island UK?

Express VPN is the best VPN to purchase if you want to watch Love Island UK live. It's highly recommended by our colleagues at TechRadar (who test VPNs for a living) and you'll be able to access UK streaming sites like ITVX—just make sure you have registered for an account and you'll be good to watch any new episodes of Love Island either live or on catch-up. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not happy with their service.

Best in the world

The best VPN in the world, according to our sister publication TechRadar (they test a lot of VPNs). It's speedy and allows you to access more than 3,000 services in 160 locations across 94 countries. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not happy with their service.

Step-by-step guide on how to watch Love Island UK

  1. Get a VPN (we like Express VPN, as recommended by our sister site TechRadar)
  2. Change your location to anywhere in the UK using your VPN service
  3. Login (or create one if you're new to ITVX) to your ITVX account, a free streaming service 
  4. When the series is airing, watch the episodes live at 9pm BST (5pm ET/ 2pm PT) every day except Saturday, or catch up on the series now it's ended whenever you want

How to watch Love Island UK in Canada

Love Island UK wasn't available to watch on any streaming services or TV channels in Canada so the only way to watch (and rewatch) is to purchase a VPN, change your location to anywhere in the UK, and stream for free on ITVX. If you need more guidance, check our guide on how to watch Love Island UK in Canada.

How to watch Love Island UK in the US

If you're in the US, Love Island UK season 10 was available to stream on Hulu from Saturday, June 10. The new season premiered only a week behind the UK, which is quicker than previous seasons, when US folks had to wait around two weeks.

Now that the series is over however, you can catch up on all the episodes you missed immediately, via Hulu.

How to watch Love Island UK in Australia

The most recent season of Love Island UK premiered on Wednesday, June 7 (only two days behind the UK) on 9Now, so when it was airing, you could catch all the action there.

Now, you'll have to use a VPN to watch the old episodes via ITVX, as instructed above.

How to watch Love Island UK when you're travelling

If you like to watch Love Island UK live but have a vacation planned around the time of next year's summer series, you don't have to miss out. You can also use a VPN to keep watching; simply purchase a VPN so you can continue to access ITVX as if you were still in the UK.

What happened in 'Love Island UK' 2023?

Love Island's 2023 summer series was Maya Jama's very first summer of love in Spain (where Love Island UK is filmed), meaning she served plenty of looks for the very first time. Week two alone saw one of Maya Jama's best Love Island outfits, with her cut-out black dress that left us all enamored. And her white crochet summer dress on the first episode was a hit that we'll be wearing all summer (what's left of it...)

As mentioned, the 2023 Love Island UK cast gave us allll the drama (while also giving pretty iconic Love Island sunglasses game) and it may be even fair to say that this season will be going down as one of the best Love Island UK seasons of all time. From the numerous love triangles—between Zach, Catherine and Molly; Tyrique, Ella and Leah; Sammy, Jess and Leah; and Mitch with pretty much everyone—to the twist that meant the two least compatible couples weren't allowed to recouple with each other, this season did not hold back. But alongside it all, there were also some lovely friendship moments between the Islanders that gave us doubts as to whether Love Island is scripted (plus, did you spot former islander Jordan Hames cameo?).

Now that the series is over, we're most intrigued to find out which Love Island UK couples will stay together after getting to know each other in the villa. But until then, here's all the drama you can expect to catch up on if you're planning a rewatch of season 10! 

Avoid the below if you don't want any spoilers!

Week eight

Week eight was the official final week, and was marked by a lot of Scott and Abi back and forth. The two started exploring their connection again when Mitch turned his head to Ella B, but Abi felt like Scott wasn't actually interested. We then had the iconic Talent Show, which made viewers ask for Ty and Whitney to actually release their song once they're out...

Another highlight of the week was The Grafties, a brand-new award ceremony that allowed the public to vote for the best Islander in categories like 'the flirtiest' and 'the snakiest'. Of course, it brought more drama—Mitchell started accusing Scott of faking feelings towards Abi, Scott called him a 'knobhead' and Ty told Whitney to 'shush' when she was defending Lochan. Thankfully the rapping duo managed to patch things up—the same could not be said for Abi and Mitchell...

The eventful week carried on with Parents' Day, where all the Islanders received visits from their loved ones in the villa. However, more drama followed the happy times. Abi and Scott decided to end their romantic connection and just be friends, and the Islanders received the results from the public vote for the 'least compatible' couples. Molly and Zach, Abi and Scott and Ella B and Mitch were in the bottom three, leaving the other Islanders to make the final decision. They picked Abi and Scott, as they were in a friendship couple.

And the final week also meant one thing—final dates! Ella B and Mitchell were first with a morning concert from world-class musician and cellist HAUSER by a beautiful lagoon. The two made it exclusive but once back in the villa, Ella B heard that Mitch had said the night before she was fake...

Zach and Molly were next and had a splash around the pool at a Barbie-themed mansion that inspired Zach to confess he loves Molly. Aww! And the love displays didn't stop there—Tyrique and Ella also became boyfriend and girlfriend on their date!

The dates carried on with Lochan and Whitney (a fancy yacht) and Jess and Sammy,  (a Bridgeton-like ball) before another dumping, which saw Ella B and Mitch pack their bags. For the final episode before the final, we saw the Islanders play against each other on Sports Day, which (we still don't fully know why...) originated an argument between Ty and Ella. They resolved things just in time for the final vote to get announced though...

Of course, the finale episode then saw Sammy and Jess become winners of the series overall, with fan faves Whitney and Lochan coming in second.

Week seven

The penultimate week was one drama after another, first between Abi, Mitchell and Ella B and then between former friends, Ella and Whitney!

The week began with Abi wanting Mitchell to close himself off from bombshell Ella B, despite her also deciding to get to know Scott a few days prior. Mitch then began to have his head turned, telling Whitney that how Abi was handling the unfolding situation was giving him the 'ick'.

Then came a round of 'Snog, Marry and Pie,' which resulted in more than a few couples in crisis. Molly and Zach were among them, after Zach chose to snog former pairing Kady and marry Molly—a real rookie error there, Zach! Things then went from bad to worse after Molly confronted him about the choice, expressing her feelings about it and he laughed—eek!

Molly didn't need to worry about any lingering feelings between Zach and Kady though, as she and Ouzy were dumped from the island soon after. Their shock departure came during the villa's VIP party after Lochan and Whitney were allowed to save one couple from the bottom two. They chose Mitch and Ella B, sending Kady and Ouzy home. 

Then came a challenge of truths, which saw Mitch, Abi, Ella B and Scott go head to head, with Mitch dubbing Scott and Abi 'fake'. We also saw a rift form between friends Ella and Whitney, after Ella and Ty dubbed Whitney and Lochan the most 'smug' couple. Things then escalated further with Whitney later calling Ella 'selfish,' after she showered before the rest of the Islanders, before the pair made up in a heart-to-heart.

Despite all that drama though, this week wasn't all doom and gloom as we saw Ty confess his love to Ella, and even Sammy asking Jess to be his girlfriend!

Week six

Following the always-dramatic Movie Night, we saw Jess devastated by Sammy's mad moves—where he kissed both two of the Casa girls in the space of about 10 minutes—meanwhile, Leah saw the extent of Montel's antics and was not best pleased.

Despite the tensions boiling over during the screening, Jess and Sammy managed to make up (for the time being), as did Ty and Ella.

However, the peace was short-lived as both Catherine and Elom and Leah and Montel were dumped from the island in one evening, leaving the Islanders reeling. We then saw two new bombshells arrive to take their place, Josh and Ella B—who just so happens to have a history with Ty.

As you can imagine, this caused some drama between OG Ella and Tyrique, especially after the latter made a comment to Ella B, about how it was a shame that the kiss they shared before entering the villa, would be the last...

After all that though, it wasn't with Ella and Ty that the new bombshell got into a love triangle with, but rather Abi and Mitchell!

Week five

Ah yes—the return of the infamous Casa Amor. Just that neon sign is enough to give us chills.

The start of Casa this year was pretty iconic, with Ne-Yo performing in the villa (!!) and then stealing the girls away for a selfie—except he was the one telling them it was time to go over the second villa. This is for sure going down as one of the most memorable Love Island moments ever...

To begin with, everyone's head seemed pretty scrambled apart from—suprisingly—Tyrique's. The serial player seemed to have his head back with Ella, but little did he know that Ella was slowly giving in to new boy Ouzy's charm (a fellow Scottish model she already knew and almost went on a date with pre-villa).

Then we finally had the Casa Amor recoupling (which we followed along live BTW), where the most shocking moment was definitely when Ella brought Ouzy back and instantly regretted it when she saw Tyrique standing by himself. He quickly said they were done, but it actually only took two episodes for them to get back together... 

The recoupling also shook Leah and Montel, since he had a connection with Tink—she even revealed the two did some stuff in bed, as well as Sammy and Jess, since he picked Amber but also kissed someone else; and Scott and Catherine, as Catherine brought back Elom, and said she was completely done with Scott.

Week four

Week four saw the repercussions of Molly's dramatic dumping, with Zach swiftly moving on to Kady. Not 24 hours later we almost saw the pair share a kiss on the terrace and by almost, we mean Kady swerved Zach and left him feeling very humbled indeed.

The Heart Rate Challenge also made a steamy comeback and sparked a ton of drama between Medhi and Whitney, after the former snogged four of the girls during his performance. This then lead to some tense conversations between them before a public vote sent Medhi and Mal packing—leaving Sammy and Whitney single.

Ahead of Mal's exit though, Sammy and Jess reopened the door to their 'situationship', which led to them rekindling things. As for Whitney, who, like Sammy, is now single, she began making moves on Montel and Zach.

We also saw developments between Ty and Ella, who had their first date away from the villa, with Tyrique finally telling Ella that he's officially closed off. That being said though, we know that things went pear-shaped for this couple on Casa Amor.

Week three

Week three brought a whole new twist (and naturally, a ton of drama), with the arrival of host, Maya Jama—who informed the Islanders during their brunch dates, that they must choose the two of the least compatible couples.

And just to spark more chaos (the producers were doing the most this season), each couple then had to stand up and explain their decisions. In the end, Sammy and Jess and Leah and Mitchell were in the bottom two. But instead of a dumping, they were all made single, with the stipulation that they can't pair up again at the next recoupling—before Mal and Montel swooped in to date them.

Things between Mehdi and Whitney also hit a snag, as he shocked everyone by revealing that he also wants to get to know Leah. Now, as it stands Jess is exploring her connection with Mitchell, as is Sammy with Mal and Leah with Montel—while Molly and Zachariah had their first date.

The end of week three proved to be one of the most explosive, with former season 2 islander, Kady McDermott making her return and choosing to recouple with Zachariah, leaving Molly single. Except, she wasn't just left single...she was dumped, immediately from the villa!

Week two

Week two brought the first dumping of the season, with Ruche having to pack her bags, before trouble brewed between Jess and Sammy, after he also revealed that he wanted to get to know Leah. At the next recoupling though, he chose to stick with Jess, upsetting Leah in the process by referring to her as 'a test.'

The recoupling also saw the Islanders have to choose who would be sent home from the bottom three girls and boys—with the boys choosing Charlotte and the girls, Andre. Thankfully, there wasn't a surplus of empty beds for long, as a semi-pro footballer, Scott made his slow-mo entrance, making a bee-line for Catherine.

Week one

After the public vote determined which Islanders would be starting their 'summer of love' together, Molly and Mitchell, Catherine and Andre, Ruche and Medhi, Ella and Tyrique and Jess (whose type is guys with Turkey teeth BTW) and George all started getting acquainted with each other, and their new digs for the next eight weeks. It was also revealed that Tyrique and Ella had actually met previously on a night out—though Tyrique seemed a lil' hazy on the details.

From the off, it seemed that Molly and Mitchell especially, had a blossoming connection—well, until the season's first bombshell, Zachariah Noble entered the villa that is. Despite him initially coupling up with Catherine, tensions flared between Molly and Mitchell after the former made it clear she was not closed off—and nor did she want to be.

Amongst all that drama, Whitney then entered the villa and swiftly caught the eye of Medhi, who had already found more of a friendship-type sitch with Ruchee. Then came Sammy, who immediately struck up a connection with Jess, before Leah and Charlotte then entered the fold and whisked Zach, Mitchell and Tyrique on dates. The arrival of Leah sparked a ton of drama between Ella and Ty after the latter said he wanted to get to know her. During this time, Mitchell and Molly called time on their couple as she was growing closer to Zach, while Andre and Catherine reignited their initial connection.

When did 'Love Island UK' end?

Maya Jama confirmed on the first episode of Love Island: Aftersun (which aired live on Sunday, June 11) that this series was set to be eight weeks long—it finished on Monday, July 31.

Can I watch Love Island UK without VPN?

Yes but only if you're currently located somewhere where the show has been picked up by a network or streaming service, which will allow you to rewatch the series. That's the case in the United States, where Love Island UK is available to stream on Hulu.

How can I watch Love Island UK abroad?

If you're somewhere where Love Island UK has not been picked up by a local network or streamer, like in Canada, your best bet is to purchase a VPN and sign up to watch on ITVX for free.

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