How to watch 'Love Island UK' from anywhere in the world if you want to catch up on the winter 2023 series

If you missed the winter 2023 season, or simply want to rewatch, here's how to watch 'Love Island UK' from anywhere

the Love Island 2023 finalists dancing in the villa during the final episode, to illustrate how to watch Love Island UK
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Love Island's 2023 winter series is over—sob! While we're gutted to say goodbye to the islanders for another few months, we've got a step-by-step on how to watch Love Island UK so you can rewatch (or catch up on the series, if you missed it), no matter where you are in the world. 

The 2023 winter edition of Love Island UK started all the way back on January 16, when a fresh batch of guys and gals entered the brand-new South Africa villa. And the drama, as ever, proved to be nonstop, with the 2023 winter Love Island UK cast proving to be just as messy (or maybe more so?!) than their 2022 counterparts. 

We had plenty of head-turning moments from the boys and the girls, a crazy Casa Amor recoupling, and the most backstabbing we've ever seen on the show (seriously, these guys can't mind their business). While we seriously doubted that this bunch could be great friends on the outside for a while there, turns out they actually made up, and now seem to be on really good terms. And, it look as though the series has spawned a few great couples too, from Kai and Sanam (our winners), to Ron and Lana. 

Plus, who didn't love seeing Maya Jama as the host for the first time ever? We spent most of the series obsessing over all of Maya Jama's Love Island outfits, not to mention all the Love Island clothes and Love Island sunglasses we want to add to our wardrobes.

But alas, the winter edition of the show is now over (though summer Love Island 2023 isn't far off!) So if you want to catch up on any episodes you missed, fancy binge-watching the season all over again, or if you missed the whole thing and want to get clued up, here's how to watch Love Island UK from anywhere in the world—including the US, Canada and Australia...

How to watch Love Island UK final live

When the series is on, UK viewers can watch Love Island UK live on ITV2 or ITVX (formerly known as the ITV Hub). If you want to watch the show live and you're not based in the UK, the only way to stream it is by purchasing a VPN and tuning into ITVX online. A VPN allows you to change your location (in this case, anywhere in the UK would work) and log in to ITVX (a free streaming service). 

We like Express VPN, recommended by our colleagues at TechRadar. You'll be able to access UK streaming sites like ITVX—just make sure you have registered for an account and you'll be good to watch any new episodes of Love Island either live or on catch-up.

Seasons 1–8 are also on BritBox in the UK, with the platform also available in the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway (though double check Love Island is definitely available in your territory before you subscribe).

How to watch Love Island UK in the US

If you love tuning into Love Island UK from the US, the show landed on Hulu on January 30. However, it was airing two weeks behind the UK (and most of Twitter!). When the summer series rolls around though, if you want to watch live and avoid spoilers, then you can watch the show through ITVX (which is free) using a VPN

This handy software will allow you to change your IP address, so you can catch up on all the action without actually being in the UK. We recommend Express VPN—using this method, you'll be able to either watch the episodes as they stream live or catch up after they drop.

How to watch Love Island UK in Canada 🇨🇦

If you're in Canada and want to watch Love Island UK, the latest season was added to hayu on January 22.

Again, if you prefer to watch live for future seasons (and want to avoid spoilers), then you can also use a VPN to change your location to the UK (we like Express VPN, recommended by TechRadar) and stream for free on ITVX.

How to watch Love Island UK in Australia

The latest season of Love Island UK premiered three days behind the UK, on January 18 on Channel 9, so you can tune in there to watch future seasons. 

But if you want to watch live in future and avoid being a victim of spoilers, then your best bet is a VPN to change your location to the United Kingdom, and stream on ITVX. We recommend a service like Express VPN (voted best in the world by our colleagues at TechRadar).

How to watch Love Island UK when you're travelling

If you like to watch Love Island UK live but have planned a vacation during the summer series, you don't have to miss out. You can also use a VPN to keep watching; simply purchase a VPN so you can continue to access ITVX as if you were still in the UK.

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