How to watch 'I Kissed a Boy' from anywhere in the world

'I Kissed a Boy,' BBC's game-changing new reality show, features ten gay singles looking for love in an Italian Masseria. Here's how to tune in!

How to watch 'I Kissed a Boy,' BBC's gay reality dating show, no matter where you are in the world
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One of the most exciting gay dating shows in recent memory, I Kissed a Boy, BBC's latest reality series features ten gay singles searching for love in the Italian countryside...all off of one single kiss. 

Even if you're miles away from a Puglia farmhouse, you'll still be able to tune into the action. Here's how to watch I Kissed a Boy, no matter where in the world you're located. 

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Time and date: Premiered Saturday, May 13, 2023
Channel: BBC Three
Stream: BBC iPlayer (UK)
Watch anywhere: Stream from anywhere with ExpressVPN

What is 'I Kissed a Boy' about?

Everyone's curious how to watch I Kissed a Boy, BBC's newest dating show. It's only just premiered, but it's already going down in reality TV history. 

The U.K.'s first-ever gay dating show is a BBC series that follows in the footsteps of Love Island in terms of plot, but it'll feature an entirely LGBTQ+ cast. We're never one to shy away from marathoning the best Love Island UK seasons—the Love Is Blind cast for 2023 has just been announced—or getting lost in the pods with Love Is Blind couples, but it's high time for reality romance series to include more diversity. 

"I believe love is for everyone. So I am so thrilled for a gay dating show to be entering the sea of other dating shows that have existed on TV for years," host Dannii Minogue told our sister site, What to Watch. "The first time they meet, they will kiss...If you have ever been clubbing, spotted someone you were attracted to like a magnet, kissed, and then got to know them - this is it, but with a little help from me and the I Kissed A Boy love matching team."

How to watch 'I Kissed a Boy,' BBC's gay dating show:

How to watch 'I Kissed a Boy' in the UK

The first two episodes of series made an early debut in the UK on BBC iPlayer on Saturday, May 13, before airing on BBC 3 on Sunday, May 14. New episodes will air weekly every Sunday on BBC3 from May 14 on so, like Love Island, it's a commitment, but one that we're willing to make.

How to watch 'I Kissed a Boy' in the US (and the rest of the world)

No BBC? No problem! Those across the pond (or elsewhere) who want to take a look at the British network's revolutionary new dating series can do so with the help of a VPN

A VPN service allows you to change your IP address so you can unlock content not available in your current location. Our preferred VPN option is Express VPN, the top-rated service by our colleagues at TechRadar. This will allow you access to BBC iPlayer for free for live and on-demand content. 

Do note that ExpressVPN doesn’t come with a BBC account, but you can register for free on the BBC’s website with a UK postcode, even if you're in another location, according to ExpressVPN's FAQ.

Watch the 'I Kissed a Boy' trailer:

Why is 'I Kissed a Boy' important for reality TV?

Though we've received LGBTQ+ storylines on some dating series, like MTV's Are You the One? and Netflix's Perfect Match, I Kissed a Boy is solely focused on gay romances, just like upcoming The Ultimatum: Queer Love, which will premiere on Netflix on Wednesday, May 24.

If you ask Francesca Farago, a Perfect Match cast member who changed the show's trajectory by pursuing Abbey Humphreys, featuring diverse couples on reality dating series is necessary. 

"I feel like representation is so important because it’ll show audiences that we’re normal people. Just because we identify in a certain way doesn’t mean that we deserve this huge amount of hate," she told Variety

After the show aired, Farago came under scrutiny for her relationship with Jesse Sullivan, a trans man who rose to fame on TikTok for his alliance with the LGBTQ+ community. 

"To have these aspects of public hate from that just proves that the more representation we have, the more positive it will be because people will see that we’re just normal people," she added.

What people are saying about 'I Kissed a Boy' on Twitter:

From the show's musical selections to its resonance with members of the LGBTQ+ community, I Kissed a Boy is off to a positive start, according to Twitter. (And if you're curious about said playlist, a generous Twitter user decided to help out. See the Spotify embed below)

How does 'I Kiss a Boy' work?

With the help of the IKAB Matching team, 10 gay singles are paired together and must start things off with a smooch—no chit-chat, no handshakes, no flirting, just kissing. From there, we'll see how the couples proceed—or not—while in the "Masseria," a.k.a. an Italian farmhouse. 

"Ten gay guys on a holiday of a lifetime, in their search for that perfect date. It is sexy and romantic and these connections could lead them to their perfect partner," Minogue further revealed to What to Watch.

Where was 'I Kissed a Boy' filmed?

We're headed to the country that's all about amore: Italy! Catch the gorgeous—and steamy scenes—unfold at the Masseria in Puglia. Ciao, bello!

Curious to see how things will unfold? We'll catch you at the Masseria on Sundays!

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