Is Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment building still standing today?

Unthinkable acts took place inside the Jeffrey Dahmer apartment. Now, what is the Milwaukee space like?

Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer
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924 North 25th Street has a grisly history.

What did Jeffrey Dahmer do inside of his one-bedroom Milwaukee apartment? Those who are familiar with the events—and those who have watched Netflix's fictionalized take on the story starring Evan Peters—know plenty of tragedy unfolded within the walls of apartment 213.  

When Jeffrey Dahmer got caught, police discovered Polaroid pictures of dismembered human bodies in his nightstand drawer. As if that wasn't ghastly enough, the Milwaukee Police’s Criminal Investigation Bureau also found a human head in the refrigerator, three skulls on a shelf, human hearts in plastic bags and a 57-gallon drum where he dispensed victims' bones, to name just a few discoveries. Per Newsweek, 11 bodies in total were uncovered inside his drab quarters. 

In the new Ryan Murphy series, Dahmer's neighbors complained of foul-smelling odors coming from his space, which the killer led them to believe was bad pork, when it was actually human flesh. Is the Jeffrey Dahmer series on Netflix accurate? Did all of those unthinkable atrocities happen at the Oxford Apartments? Given its current state, the answer is obvious. 

The Jeffrey Dahmer apartment now

So, what happened to the complex that one of America's most notorious killers called home? Fifteen months after Dahmer had been arrested, the 49-apartment unit was demolished in November 1992. According to Newsweek, the building was purchased for $325,000 by the Campus Circle Project, Marquee University's "collaborative neighborhood redevelopment initiative." The organization helped the tenants in the building at the time find new housing options. 

The outlet further reports that Patrick LeSage, the project's lead, told The Bulletin: "It needs to be replaced with a sign of our commitment to support the healing process and to work together as a community of people who care."

According to Esquire, at one point a children's playground was a consideration for the empty space, which thankfully did not pan out. Now, the area is mainly empty, only filled with grass and a few trees, which you can see on Google Maps. However, the Cantona Court Apartments, located at 936 North 25th Street, are dangerously close to this spot—and some might argue a little too close for comfort, given the block's dark past.

Though the history of 924 North 25th Street is unmatched, witnesses also recalled disturbing details from Dahmer's childhood home, where he stored animal skeletons in the backyard shed and maintained an animal burial ground. (In the Netflix series, we see his father, Lionel Dahmer, encourage his son's interest in taxidermy.) 

"A number of neighbors have recalled seeing animals, like frogs and cats impaled, or staked to trees," Dahmer's neighbor, Eric Tyson, told The New York Times in 1991.

evan peters as jeffrey dahmer in the new ryan murphy netflix series, this scene shows dahmer being arrested

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Dahmer was sentenced to 15 consecutive sentences for the murder of 17 men and boys over the course of 13 years. He served them at Columbia Correctional Institute, where he was killed by another inmate, Christopher Scarver, while cleaning.

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is currently available for streaming on Netflix. The three-part docu-series, Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes, will arrive on the streaming service on October 7. 

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