Wait, are Jeremy Allen White and Selena Gomez dating?!

Something you want to tell us, Chef?

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Are things heating up in the kitchen? Spicy dating rumors about Jeremy Allen White and Selena Gomez have recently surfaced, so of course, we're here to whet your appetite.  

Although The Bear's esteemed chef didn't do terribly well in the love department in season 2 (#JusticeForClaire), it appears Carmy's romantic life is on the upswing IRL, if these new rumors are anything to go by. Here's what's happening between two of our favorite faces. 

Are the Jeremy Allen White and Selena Gomez dating rumors true?

According to DeuxMoi—"the Bible," in Kim Kardashian's wordsthe actor and singer are busy getting to know one another. 

A post from the gossip site on Thursday, June 29 read: "A recently separated Golden Globe winner whose show just premiered its second season is casually dating again. He met this A-List singer-actress during a cover shoot for Vanity Fair, and they've been in touch since she returned to the states from filming overseas."

White just wrapped up season 2 of the fan-favorite restaurant dramedy The Bear, and Gomez returned home from Paris where she was busy filming the crime comedy Emilia Perez (and rocking an eye-catching pleated skirt in the process). It didn't take long for super-sleuths to put on their thinking caps and piece the clues together. 

Although neither party has confirmed the rumors, if they are indeed true, the two are still in the very early stages of dating. It's definitely a pairing we didn't expect, but perhaps the quirky, lovable Mabel from Only Murders in the Building is just what Carmy needs (again, IRL).

Selena's quick dating recap

Before these rumors came to light, Selena and Zayn unfollowed each other on Instagram in late June, giving fans a few possible theories about the alleged couple: they're either on the outs, or they're working on some type of creative collaboration, considering the 1D singer followed suit and deleted Selena from his following list—along with the rest of his Instagram. 

Then, earlier in the summer, Selena seemingly confirmed her relationship status while watching a soccer game with friends. On TikTok, she's seen jokingly yelling at the players: "I'm single!" and "I'm just a little high maintenance, but I'll love you so much."

Prior to the Zayn rumors, Selena was spotted getting cozy with Italian filmmaker Andrea Iervolino in 2022, though nothing seemingly came of that connection. Years prior, she was seeing The Weeknd, and some fans are asking "Is The Idol about Selena Gomez," considering the singer's new HBO series has so many similarities to his ex's story. And we don't need to remind you about her lengthy history with Justin Bieber, right?


The struggle man lol

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Jeremy Allen White's quick dating recap

In a surprise to fans, Jeremy Allen White and his wife Addison Timlin revealed that they are actually going through a divorce. Although the two have remained private about the separation, sources allege that trust issues led to the pair calling it quits. The public first learned of this news around the time The Bear premiered its second season, but court documents actually reveal that the two parted ways in September 2022. They share two daughters.

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