Who is Kizzy Edgell from 'Heartstopper'? Meet the actor behind the lovable, comedic Darcy

To know Darcy is to love Darcy—but now it's time to get to know Kizzy Edgell from 'Heartstopper'

Kizzy Edgell poses during a portrait session at the GAY TIMES Honours Awards 2022, held at Magazine London on November 25, 2022 in London, England
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We've all fallen for Kit Connor and Joe Locke, but Kizzy Edgell is one of their co-stars who should not go unnoticed. 

Part of the Heartstopper season 2 cast, Edgell plays Darcy Olsson, the bold, impassioned, comedic and all-around lovable classmate fans cannot help but adore. Not only a sweet addition to Alice Oseman's series, Darcy is also a necessary one—given that Heartstopper is one of the most notable LGBTQ+ shows today, all of its stars feel an obligation to be a safe space for young adults coming to terms with their sexuality, Kizzy included.  

“You feel a sense of responsibility, which is strange. I'm 20. I have nothing figured out,” he told Glamour UK

Even still, we'll gladly follow wherever Kizzy may go. Let's get to know the rising star. 

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Who is Kizzy Edgell from 'Heartstopper'?

Kizzy Edgell hails from Wandsworth, London, and was originally studying psychology at university before pivoting into acting. Now that he's become a major face in the Heartstopper series, he's hoping to expand his skills and perhaps even one day sit in the director's chair. 

Despite Darcy being such a force on TV, Kizzy insists that he's not nearly as brave as his character, who experiences a particularly troubling prom season. 

“When I don't know what to do in a situation, my flatmate and best friend is like ‘Oh, well, what would Darcy do?’ The Darcy thing helps me with my self-esteem," Kizzy told Glamour

What happens to Darcy in 'Heartstopper' season 2?

*Warning: Heartstopper season 2 spoilers ahead!*

Edgell portrays the comedic half of the fan-favorite Heartstopper couple, Darcy and Tara. However, it appears those jokes throughout the new season are meant to cover up insecurities. 

Though she sees a confident partner at school, Tara realizes her significant other hasn't come out to her family when a fight erupts over wearing a suit to the prom.

What are Kizzy Edgell's pronouns?

Kizzy might believe that he's not quite as brave as his character, but we'd have to respectfully disagree. In a brave move, he took to Instagram Stories to discuss sexuality, stating he's trans masculine and uses he/they pronouns, 

“I haven’t felt scared to talk about myself,” he told Glamour. “I know that it could potentially happen, but I don’t feel frightened. Which is nice.”

We are loving the positivity and acceptance, and so are Kizzy's fans!

Kizzy Edgell movies and TV shows

At this time, Kizzy Edgell is just getting started, but the widely acclaimed Heartstopper is a good résumé starter. We'll be anxious to see what comes down the pipeline next!

Is Kizzy Edgell on Instagram?

Yes, you and more than 800,000 followers can follow along with Kizzy's adventures on Instagram at the handle @51212.87287, where the actor posts plenty of adorable behind-the-scenes moments with the Heartstopper cast. 

Kizzy Edgell age: how old is he?

Edgell was born in England on August 15, 2002, which makes him 20 years old and a Leo IRL. (And here's which Heartstopper character you are based on your own zodiac sign.) 

Check out Kizzy Edgell in Heartstopper season 2, now streaming on Netflix

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