Where to find the 'Love Is Blind' season 4 cast on Instagram

Curious to learn more about the contestants? Here's where to find the 'Love Is Blind' season 4 cast on Instagram

Where to find the Love is Blind season 4 cast on Instagram. Pictured: wame, Brett in episode 404 of Love is Blind
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Wondering where to find the Love is Blind season 4 cast on Instagram? We'll help you narrow it down!

The buzzy reality dating show is back on Netflix beginning Friday, March 24, and we're all dying for a behind-the-scenes look at the Love Is Blind season 4 couples (though there are no spoilers on those social-media grids—we checked!). 

Before going back into the pod, let's take a look at who's who among the daters and where you can find them on Instagram. 

*Warning: season 4 spoilers ahead!*

Where to find the 'Love Is Blind' season 4 cast on Instagram:

Ready to meet the major players of season 4? Although the season 4 cast of Love Is Blind is rather large—and there's plenty of activity within the pods—we only follow a handful of pairs (and even singles) post-pods:

1. Bliss

Bliss has a strong connection with Zack in the pods, but things take a turn when he ultimately opts for Irina. Despite the fact that she did not get a proposal, she remains a dominant figure throughout the first several episodes of season 4. 

On Instagram, we catch a sneak peek of her travels, furry friends (hello, Blythe and Ash!) and family. (She has a twin?!) 

2. Chelsea

From family photos to lakeside views, the speech pathologist brings a lot of energy to her Instagram grid. And judging from the many baby cameos, it's clear she wants to start a family. How will things go between her and Kwame? Will they have a little one of their own soon?

3. Irina

Irina and Bliss compete against one another for Zack's affection, and ultimately, he thinks Bliss is his girl...but she doesn't seem entirely convinced. (Some fans are even wondering if Irina leaves Love Is Blind season 4 early.)  

When taking a look at her Instagram, you'll likely want to hire her to plan your next bash. Her event planning company Solo. Co. creates "meaningful experiences that will transport you back to the fundamental human connection that makes life worth living."

Can the same be said for her time on Love Is Blind?

4. Jackelina

It's a bit of a roller coaster for Jackelina and Marshall—some days are good, others, well...not so much. The certified dental assistant keeps her selfie game strong on her Instagram page, as evidenced by a trip to the Original Seattle Museum. 

5. Micah

Micah is a marketing manager with wanderlust. Her Instagram is chock-full of her travels: from Santorini, Greece and Paris, France, to Tulum, Mexico. She and Paul definitely want to travel as they grow together as one. How will it all play out?

6. Tiffany

It's hard to resist Tiffany and her undeniable connection to Brett (minus when she falls asleep in the pods). That infectious energy is also on full display on her Instagram page, whether she's in Disney with friends or traveling across the pond. 

7. Brett

Brett is the creative director at Nike, so we weren't surprised by the pops of color and unique backdrops of photos on his Gram. Will we see any pics of Tiffany on there any time soon? We certainly hope so—our hearts will shatter if these two don't make it.

8. Kwame

Kwame and Chelsea have a strong connection upon leaving the pods, but will his lingering thoughts about Micah sway him one way or another? The sales manager loves spending time outside and traveling, according to Instagram. 

9. Marshall

Though relatively quiet on Instagram, the Baltimore native clearly has a knack for the creatives (which we get a taste of onscreen and on his Instagram grid). We're rooting for things to work out between him and Jackie, despite a few hiccups they experienced along the way.

10. Paul

Paul is a scientist with a love for the great outdoors and travel, which he and Micah both seem to enjoy. Will that be enough for the two?

11. Zack

Zack gets everyone's attention—and quickly—thanks to his pairing up. The criminal defense attorney puts plenty of adventures on Instagram, from salsa dancing lessons to presiding over his sister's wedding.

Love Is Blind season 4 premieres on Friday, March 24 on Netflix. Here is your schedule of all of the Love Is Blind season 4 episodes.

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