Will there be a 'Love Is Blind' season 5?

We're planning ahead, folks. Here's the scoop on 'Love Is Blind' season 5. (Come on, you know you're curious!)

Host Nick Lachey, Host Vanessa Lachey in episode 401 of Love is Blind.
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Who, us? Already scoping out the Love Is Blind season 5 situation? OK, we'll confess—we're guilty. 

Although the first-ever Love Is Blind live reunion just wrapped, disastrously at that, we're curious what the next adventure has in store for hopeful romantics. Will there be a new fan-favorite pair à la Brett and Tiffany? Will the producers be extra weary of mean girl energy? Can we expect romantic diversity like in The Ultimatum: Queer Love?

Let's dive right in and talk all things pods.

'Love Is Blind' season 5: everything we know

Netflix confirmed Love Is Blind season 5 in 2022, and according to host Nick Lachey, the heavy lifting is already done. 

"We’ve filmed five seasons,” he told Women’s Health in March 2023, ahead of season 4. “Every single [one] has been so different from the others, so that’s what makes it interesting, what makes it intriguing for us allows us to approach every single season with a fresh attitude and fresh perspective.”

In fact, we can probably expect the romantic antics to extend beyond a fifth installment, considering Kinetic Content Casting is searching for singles. According to a recent Love Is Blind casting call, the search has expanded to three cities: Washington, D.C., St. Paul, Minnesota, and Denver, Colorado. The ad calls for all "single men and women who are brave, open-minded, and ready for a committed relationship." 

Let's emphasize that one more time: all single men and women, so those already attached need not apply. (Don't make a terrible move like SK.) If you feel so inclined, venture over to loveisblind.castingcrane.com, but be prepared to be on the site for a while: there are 70+ questions to answer. Plus, you'll need to make a video explaining why you're the perfect contestant. Love is certainly time-consuming (but hopefully worth it). 

What is the 'Love Is Blind' season 5 release date?

It's a bit too soon to snag details about the season 5 release date. However, if the past is any indication, we'll likely venture back to the pods at some point in 2024, given that the fifth season has already been filmed. 

What is the 'Love Is Blind' season 5 location?

TBD! Reddit rumors have hinted that the fifth season may return to Texas and be set in Houston, while eagle-eyed fans have pointed out that Kinetic Content Casting, the production company that casts for the show, shared an Instagram post back on November 4, 2022 aimed at singles in one North Carolina city: "We are now casting Charlotte singles for the next season of Love Is Blind! Head to the link in our bio to apply," read the post. 

We'll have to wait to find out where Love Is Blind season 5 will be set (the pods, by the way, are filmed on a soundstage in California), but here's where the experiment has taken place in years past: 

  • Season 1: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Season 2: Chicago, Illinois
  • Season 3: Dallas, Texas
  • Season 4: Seattle, Washington

Who will be in the 'Love Is Blind' cast season 5?

We're anxious to meet everyone, that's for sure. Although we haven't been introduced yet, Lachey says the filming for the season is over and done with. Here's hoping for an introduction soon! 

In the meantime, be sure to check out The Ultimatum: Queer Love on Wednesday, May 24 on Netflix. And of course, we'll keep you posted as soon as info on Love Is Blind: After the Altar season 4 is released. 

Buckle up, Buttercup: we have a lot of love-related drama on the way!

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