What did Luke from 'Below Deck Down Under' do? Inside the controversy that lead to his firing

Luke from 'Below Deck Down Under' is experiencing *major* backlash in the wake of his alarming behavior

What did Luke from Below Deck Down Under do? Pictures: BELOW DECK DOWN UNDER -- Season: 2 -- Luke Jones
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Reality TV can be chaotic, but Luke from Below Deck Down Under took things too far and suffered the consequences. 

On the Monday, August 7 episode of the series, an indecent and allegedly intoxicated incident ultimately cost the Bravolebrity his job. In the process, fans have spoken out about what they witnessed and praised the show's cast and crew for stepping in. Here's what took place. 

What did Luke from 'Below Deck Down Under' do?

On the August 7 episode, Luke Jones was fired from Below Deck Down Under for entering castmate Margot Sisson’s bed without clothes while she had been asleep and presumably unconscious.  

Though fans are accustomed to intimate affairs on Bravo—Pump Rules' hookups, breakups, and all-consuming #Scandoval, RHONY season 14 cast's deep dive into married life, etc.—this particular incident shed light on assault and the mandatory need for consent. 

In a previous episode this season, Sisson told chief steward, Aesha Scott, that she was headed to bed after a few drinks, and specifically said, "No Luke." On the August 7 episode, Jones was seen attempting to get into Sisson's quarters, naked, while she appeared to be unconscious. All this transpired once Scott left the premises to tend to power outages.

A production member stepped in and said: "Luke, we gotta get you down. I gotta get you out of here because she wants to go to bed." He replied, "Can you f**k off for a second?" before slamming the door and holding it shut. 

The video footage is not clear, but he did not appear to be clothed at the time. Eventually, Luke made his way back into his own room and locked the door. Upon learning about the incident, Scott took it to the ship's captain, Jason Chambers, who removed Jones from the ship and into a hotel for the evening, and proceeded to fire him the next day.

"Our cabin is our safety zone," Chambers said. "That door is our boundary. That door is not to be opened unless it’s consensual. To walk into someone else’s room without consent, indecent, is my limit.”

Margot Sisson responds to the incident

On Tuesday, August 8, Sisson took to Instagram Stories with a lengthy thank you to those who took action. 

She praised Scott, who revealed that she herself had previously suffered from sexual assault, and said: "The way she recognized the vulnerability of the situation I was in and her courageous intervention on my behalf was both heroic and so admirable."

While Sisson noted that most captains would choose to sweep things under the rug, Chambers took matters into his own hands and responded immediately. "Thank you for repeatedly making me feel safe and supported," she wrote.

Has Luke Jones responded to the incident?

At the time of publication, Jones has not made a statement about the events that transpired during the August 7 episode. He currently has his Instagram account set to private; however, his last post before going private seemingly referenced the controversy.

Accompanying a series of photos of himself, he captioned the Sunday, August 6 post: “It doesn’t Matter what they think about you because you don’t Care. Everything we Hear is an Opinion, Not a Fact. Everything we see is a Perspective. Not the Truth. Take Ownership and move forward.”

What did Laura from 'Below Deck Down Under' do?

Simultaneously, fellow stew Laura Bileskalne was also fired from the Below Deck Down Under cast during the same August 7 episode for entering a cast member's room and attempting to give him a massage without his consent. She had also excused Jones' behavior, insisting he was simply joking and he was just "a sexual person."

“There’s a big disconnect now, and it’s not where I want part of my team," Chambers told Bileskalne upon her firing. "You’ve actually disrespected what I set out to do.” 

On Tuesday, August 8, Bileskalne sent out an apology on Instagram that read: "My sincere apologies to Adam, I did not realize I made him feel uncomfortable and no one should be put in that position." She also apologized to Sisson for downplaying her situation. Her Instagram page is now private, as well. 

Social media responds to Luke and Laura's firings

When Twitter users take to the platform to discuss reality TV, things can get heated, and quickly. However, plenty of BDDU viewers chimed in with support and appreciation for the way the staff and crew handled the unwanted actions. 

Consent is always mandatory, and disregarding someone's boundaries is completely unacceptable. If you feel you or someone you know might be in danger, contact a national sexual assault hotline or authorities. 

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