Are we getting 'M3GAN 2.0'? Here's the scoop on horror's new favorite doll

The first film has raked in $91 million, so 'M3GAN 2.0' is obviously a hot topic of conversation

M3GAN and Cady reading Alice in Wonderland
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Forget Chucky and Annabelle: everyone's curious about M3GAN 2.0. Is it happening? 

Horror's new favorite doll has found a place in cold, black hearts everywhere. While just a few short weeks ago fans wondering if M3GAN was streaming on Netflix, now they're curious about part two. 

Is M3GAN 2.0 happening?

Horror fans, rejoice—M3GAN 2.0 is officially happening. We may have two new contenders for the best Halloween movies of all time!

It's a good thing Blum and his team had started planning ahead. "After I first saw the movie, we had a good sense that a sequel might really work,” producer Jason Blum revealed to Variety. "So, we broke our cardinal rule and we started talking about a sequel before the movie was released."

'M3GAN 2.0': what do we know so far?

Screenwriter Akela Cooper will be hard at work bringing M3GAN's next chapter to life. Considering the first film raked in $91 million (and counting), we have a feeling scary movie fans will be pleased to see the AI creation wreaking more havoc.

When does 'M3GAN 2.0' premiere?

M3GAN 2.0 will be released on January 17, 2025, so we definitely have to be patient. 

What will 'M3GAN 2.0' be about?

Although plot points are currently still under wraps, the first film focuses on Gemma (Allison Williams) who is left to care for her niece Cady (Violet McGraw) after she's orphaned. To ease the difficult transition, the roboticist gifts the young girl with one of her creations, an AI doll M3GAN (Model 3 Generative Android). What seems like a good idea turns horrifically toxic practically immediately.

Who will star in 'M3GAN 2.0'?

M3GAN the doll is played by child actor Amie Donald and voice actor Jenna Davis will reprise their role as the killer doll come to life. Allison Williams will also return as Gemma.

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