Melyon skincare: why you need to know about this Swedish brand

Inclusivity lies at the heart of Melyon skincare

Melyon skincare
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Meet Melyon skincare, the new disruptive brand that is shaking up the industry.

First, there’s the fact that this is a line democratising beauty for all. While it's designed for dark skin tones, Melyon products are unisex but can be used by anyone. 

Hence the brand name - a clever play on the English word ‘melanin' and the Togolese/Ghanaian expression ‘enyonam’, meaning ‘it is good for me.’ 

A cursory glance at the website sets out Melyon’s agenda. 

The campaign features a variety of different ethnicities and religions but it’s the mission statement to “work for a society where beauty is perceived through diversity” that really captures the current Zeitgeist. AKA this is one brand to watch.

Also impressive is Melyon founder Roger Dupe’s ‘less is more’ approach - both from a practical and sustainable perspective. 

Taking lessons from his time as a model who travelled the world, Dupe ensured each recyclable bottle is a mere 60ml, so easy to fit in hand luggage and made from 100% recyclable glass. 

Then there are the products themselves...

The Melyon skincare line up

The expertly curated line features a milk cleanser, a detox serum, a day moisturizer and a night cream - all vegan, cruelty- and paraben free.  

Each features the hero ingredient baobab oil as a base - a nod to founder Dupe’s roots in Ghana and Togo.  Naturally rich in vitamin C, baobab is believed to have antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Melyon Milk Cleanser, $25 [£19]

Melyon Milk Cleanser

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The Milk Cleanser is packed with salicylic acid and ginger root to unclog pores and eliminate purities without irritation, while also taking down redness.

Melyon Day Cream, $47 [£36]

Melyon Day Cream

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Meanwhile, the Day Cream combines niacinamide with antioxidant vitamins C and E to both protect against pollution and improve the appearance of crater-like pores.

Melyon Night Cream, $47 [£36]

Melyon Night Cream

Melyon Night Cream, $47 [£36]

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The Night Cream  is the sidekick to your skin's overnight repair mechanisms. Precisely why it contains peptides and vitamin A to strengthen collagen production and buff away dead cells, making way for fresh new ones. 

Melyon Detox Serum, $67 [£50]

Melyon Detox Serum

Melyon Detox Serum, $67 [£50]

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Finally, there's the Detox Serum to be used together with the Day and Night Creams, with skin-plumping hyaluronic acid and broccoli extract.

Good-looking and ballsy? What's not to love about this brand?