The MGK Hulu doc 'Life in Pink' takes a deep dive into one of today's most controversial artists

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From struggles to success, pain to love, the MGK Hulu documentary delves into the ups and downs of one of today's most talked-about musicians—and one of the most controversial. 

Whether you're one of Machine Gun Kelly's bloody Valentines or would prefer to stick to your OG pop-punk roots, there's no denying that the emo crooner has made his mark on the charts and Spotify playlists. Oh, and there's that whole MGK Megan Fox relationship that bombards us with PDA and grand gestures of love. ("It's just like every fairy tale that they never told you in school...the passion between us is just otherworldly," he says in the film.)  

But the glamorous rockstar life wasn't always so exciting, to say the least. Hulu's Life in Pink gives fans a look inside what is really going on behind closed doors for Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly). 

MGK Hulu doc trailer

"90% of my fans listen to me because of the pain they relate to in my lyrics," we hear the Texas native state in the documentary's trailer. 

We get a few behind-the-scenes shots from his past, as well as his recollections of familial arguments, being held at gunpoint and watching his father succumb to illness. Then, there's backlash from fellow artists and fans who don't see eye-to-eye with the 32-year-old. 

Though viewers are seemingly living through pink while watching this new account of the singer's life, things get very dark. According to Newsweek, the artist confesses to a suicide attempt while on the phone with Fox and admits that he needs to kick his drug habit to be there for his fiancée and 12-year-old daughter.

But there are glimmers of hope. Despite the negativity, he claims to persevere: we also catch a few glimpses of PDA with his fiancée Megan Fox, sold-out concerts, energetic fans and even quieter moments like his daughter's early-morning volleyball games.

When is 'Life in Pink' being released?

As of June 27, Life in Pink is available for streaming on Hulu. (You can check out various subscription plans below.)

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Most known for his albums, Tickets to My Downfall and Mainstream Sellout, MGK has also garnered some attention in Hollywood for cameos in Nerve, The Dirt, Birdbox and The King of Staten Island. It's widely known that his love with Fox stemmed from their work together on the 2021 film, Midnight in the Switchgrass. 

The artist has even tapped into the beauty business. For those who are looking to up their mani game, check out the Machine Gun Kelly nail polish line UN/DN LAQR for a punk rock finish. 

Fans are anxious to hop aboard the ride with MGK and see how it all started.

"That's what's so cool about music: so many different personalities and so much that we don't have in common with each other, but when that one song comes on that we all love, it all goes away. We're all one," he says in the trailer. 

Life in Pink is streaming on Hulu now. 

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