Neptune retrograde is forcing us to do this *one* thing for our relationships

No need for Neptune retrograde panic—this event is actually pretty beneficial for us and those we surround ourselves with

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Summer will be a busy one for the cosmos, and Neptune retrograde will kickstart the astrological events. 

There's no need to wonder what planet is in retrograde, since practically all of them will be, but there is a good reason to hone in on the planet of ideals and dreams, according to the professionals. It'll put things into perspective. 

"We have the time to really dive deep into our psyche and into our hearts and understand what we want," astrologer Lisa Stardust tells us. "Some people that the blinders we put in our eyes fall down."

We know that the "r" term is notorious for causing some pandemonium in pop culture—looking at you, Mercury Retrograde 2023but Lisa insists this is a time to embrace rather than dread. Sit back and let Neptune do the work it's meant to do. 

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Lisa Stardust

Lisa Stardust is a New York-based astrologer, tarot card reader, energy healer, manifestation guide, life coach and author of three astrology books. She also holds events throughout the New York area, if you're nearby!

When is Neptune retrograde? 

Neptune retrograde in Pisces will take place from Friday, June 30 all the way until Wednesday, December 6, so you better get used to the planet's movements.

"When Neptune is in its regular flow, basically a lot of the time we can experience different emotions ranging from illusions, delusions, a lot of romantic sentiments," Lisa adds. "Usually, Neptune puts the blinders on us so we overlook flaws."

Things change once it's in retrograde, and we tend to have a more unbiased look at things.

What to expect during Neptune retrograde

Neptune retrograde will make you come to terms with things that are no longer working for you. That situationship you said you were okay with? Turns out, you had a little think, and the no-labels romance isn't what you wanted after all. Neptune retrograde can act kind of as an a-ha moment, but there is a misconception about how it handles our love lives. 

"Contrary to popular belief, it's not going to really change the way in which we invest our energy in relationships or what happens because the majority of people have Neptune retrograde in their charts," Lisa notes.

However, you can expect a change to happen from within. 

"The biggest form of deception with Neptune is self-deception. So it's like what I said, people are going to realize their parts in relationships that have been holding them back from what they want," she adds. 

What's the one thing to do for your relationships during Neptune retrograde?

Ah, the famous astrologer adage: "rest and revise" during a retrograde. It sounds like a cliché, but Neptune retrograde is asking you to put yourself first and live in the present. 

"What's important to do during the retrograde is to realize that it's time for you to focus more on yourself and what makes you happy and revitalize the relationships that you want to," Lisa adds. "The best thing to do is be present and not think about the future. Obviously, we're going to be reflective about the past, but don't dwell. Be gentle with yourself. I always say self-care is a must."

The best way to take care of yourself, and the situations around you is to focus on the relationship you know best: the one with yourself. 

"People get so caught up in situations and they don't realize that the best way to help is to do things for themselves. Get that massage, go to the pool. Dip out of the drama and focus on healing yourself."

No need to tell us twice! This year, we're thanking Neptune for its generosity. Venus retrograde? Well, that one's going to be a little bit more challenging...

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