Does Nicholas Galitzine have a girlfriend? Here's the romantic intel on the 'Red, White & Royal Blue' star

Is our fictional Prince Henry taken IRL? What's the Nicholas Galitzine girlfriend situation? Let's find out

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Curious about the Nicholas Galitzine girlfriend situation? You're not alone. 

Romance readers have been patiently waiting for Red, White & Royal Blue's TV adaptation—sure to be one of the best LGBTQ+ shows of the year—so it's no surprise they're digging into all aspects of the stars' lives ahead of the premiere. 

In the bestselling novel by Casey McQuiston, Prince Henry (Galitzine) and Alex Claremont Diaz (Taylor Zakhar Perez) fall in love but are forced to keep their relationship out of view, given their public profiles. Will they succeed? 

On-screen, Galitzine and Zakhar Perez have electric energy, according to our sister site, What To Watch. Director Matthew Lopez told the outlet: "We worked hard on their performances together, but what was innate from the moment they first met was they got each other, and they got along so well together, and they played so incredibly well together."

Well, what's happening off-camera? Here's what we know about Nicholas Galitzine's current relationship status. 

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Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston
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Does Nicholas Galitzine have a girlfriend?

The Nicholas Galitzine girlfriend situation is rather elusive, much like the Mike Faist dating situation and Michael Cimino's dating history, but we do know that his feelings for an anonymous woman are actually what kickstarted the former athlete into acting. Talk about a stroke of luck! 

He told Wonderland Magazine: “There was a girl who was going up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival who I really fancied. I did [the festival] so I could go chase this girl. And I came back with this acting agency.”

Although his romantic pursuits were seemingly unsuccessful during this adventure, he did manage to make his way into the entertainment world...which did in turn affect his love life. In 2019, he played Elliot Lefevre in Netflix's mystery series, Chambers, alongside Lilli Kay, who starred as Penelope Fowler. The two were romantically linked, though neither party confirmed or denied the relationship. 

Since then, it's been pretty quiet on Galitzine's dating front, and we seem to believe the actor intends to keep it that way. No other suspected relationships have transpired in the news post-Kay. Some have questioned his sexuality given his role of Prince Henry, but the actor has not disclosed any information.

Are Camila Cabello and Nicholas Galitzine friends?

Galitzine met the "Señorita" singer while on the set of Cinderella, where she played the titular role and he stepped into Prince Robert's shoes (though we know it's the other way around in the famous fairytale). The two remain close friends, as evidenced on Instagram, but we can't help but wonder, now that the Camila Cabello dating story has changed, can we expect a friends-to-lovers romance to develop?

What's next for Nicholas Galitzine?

Though we may not have access to the star's love life, his professional life is only heating up. After Red, White & Royal Blue, Galitzine will star in Mary & George, a period drama about Mary Villiers, who will be played by Julianne Moore. Additionally, he will star in The Idea of You opposite Anne Hathaway. 

For now, we're looking forward to seeing him take on the role of Prince Henry. Red, White & Royal Blue will premiere on Prime Video on Friday, August 11.

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