What is orgasmic meditation? A sexpert weighs in on the trend

Sexpert Marla Renee Stewart says orgasmic meditation is about letting go and being vulnerable

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Satisfying in every sense of the word, orgasmic meditation treads a fine line between sexual techniques and wellness practices for the best of bold worlds. 

But the end goal, surprisingly, is not about the Big O, despite its name—it's about the unison between partners, much like the increasingly popular Karezza sex and tantric sex.

"It is more about the connection, the vulnerability, the letting go," says Marla Renee Stewart, MA, and sexpert for Lovers. "It's mindfulness occupied with the body."

Now's the time to get zen and learn a little bit more about the new bedroom phenomenon, so take a breather. 

Meet the expert: Marla Renee Stewart

Marla is a sexpert at Lovers, sexologist at Velvet Lips and a lecturer in gender and women's studies at Clayton State University. She's also written for a variety of academic publications and presenter at conferences.

What is orgasmic meditation?

Rather than feeling stressed about sex and allowing your mind to wander in the moment, orgasmic meditation (also known as OM) will help you keep your thoughts in place so that you can concentrate on your feelings and connection with your S.O.

"It's a meditation that's geared towards shifting your spirituality and your sexuality together. You're doing breath work, you're being present, you're moving your body in a rhythmic way," Stewart says. 

According to Healthline, there are a few specifics. You'll want to pay extra close attention to the clitoris, particularly the upper left quadrant. You'll need to lightly stroke this area the way you would your eyelid: gently. (This sexpert-backed fingering 101 guide is a useful resource if you're thinking about OM.) 

"You can feel spiritually connected to the orgasm, to the universe, to the energy, to your lover," Stewart says. "Not only are you releasing those happy hormones, as you do in sex, [but] you're also getting more spiritually in line with one another."

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The benefits of orgasmic meditation

If you're anxious to unplug and really feel in sync under the sheets, there are plenty of benefits of trying this method out. For one, you're living in the moment and not letting outside distractions get in your way.

"You're not thinking about a whole lot of other things, you're not distracted, you're really just focused on you and your body," Stewart says.

And though the process is more focused on how you're interacting with your partner, the end results are explosive. 

"A lot of times when you are doing OM, what tends to happen is that your ability to do the breath work and be present allows for stronger orgasms to come through," Stewart adds. 

And yes, OM can act as a way to reset your sex life and get more in tune with a loved one, but Stewart insists we shouldn't forget about the grand finale entirely. After all, it's grand for a reason!

"I think the orgasms is very much a bonus, but I don't want people to forget that orgasms are freaking great, and if OM can take us there, that's a practice we [should] continue to do," she says. 

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