What is tantric sex: meaning and how to do it with your partner

Everything you need to know about tantric sex: meaning, positions, prep, pro tips and more

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When we think about sex, the main focus tends to be achieving the Big O, but what about the process and steps you take to achieve that orgasm? Here we will dive into uncovering the real tantric sex meaning: what it is and how to do it. Tantric sex allows you to focus on these steps sensually and get to know how your body ticks. 

That being said, tantric sex can help you achieve more intense climaxes, or what we would describe as “soul-shattering orgasms.” (Yes please!) You can do this alone or with your partner, and don't forget to bring in the best app-controlled vibrators if you want to spice up the session even more. 

What is tantric sex?

Tantric sex is a kind of slow-paced sex that allows you to enjoy the journey to achieving orgasm. The sexual philosophy stretches back to ancient India—the word "tantra" comes from the Sanskrit root "tan," which means expansion. In that vein, during tantric sex, you expand from just the physical act of intimacy to a higher state, employing all of your senses while doing it. Therefore, you are physically aware, spiritually present, and emotionally mindful during the whole process. 

If you are with your partner, you can achieve a deeper level of connection with them, and you can feed each other energy. Sex is unique to the individual, and as you get to know more about tantric, you can come up with your own unique tantric sex meaning.

Preparing for the session

To get a fruitful session, you need to prepare the room and your mind. 

1.  Preparing the room 

Set the environment for the occasion. First, make sure that you have the right temperature. If the room is hot, turn on the air conditioner, and if it is cold, turn on the heat an hour before the session. Your best scented candles or dim bulbs can add a romantic, sensual touch to your space, which is what you need for the occasion.

Next, have plush cushions on the floor for comfort. (Think soft, sumptuous hygge home decor vibes.) Finally, you can have slow and sensual music playing, which helps set your space's mood.  

2.  Preparing your mind 

As mentioned above, you need to employ all of your senses when having tantric sex. Therefore, you need to prepare your mind, and you can do that by:

  • Meditating for 10 to 15 minutes before trying to clear your mind. 
  • Focusing on your breathwork 
  • Stretching your limbs, and as you stretch, clear your negative thoughts so that you can be clear headed.  

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During the session

1. Foreplay

After you are physically and emotionally ready for the session, the next step of the process is foreplay. Foreplay can be showering together or taking turns massaging each other. You can partake in tantric sex foreplay using the following steps:

  • Sit with your partner while facing each other. 
  • Look into each other's eyes, and move close to one another. 
  • Synchronize your breaths as you touch each other.  
  • Only kiss and make sure you center your attention on every physical sensation that you feel at the moment. 

2. Sex

For sex, you will need to be more patient and take it slow. Be in the moment. For example, for the time you'd usually do 20 strokes, you can consider only doing two for the same period. Be creative to enjoy the moment and explore how your partner likes to be touched.  

Best tantric sex positions

Really, any position can work for the tantric sex position because it is more about connecting with your partner than any specific movements. However, you can begin with these two positions before you acquaint yourself fully with the concept of tantric sex.  

1. Yab-Yum 

The "Yab-Yum" position is one of the best tantric sex positions and what many tantric sex experts recommend. The position is quite simple: your partner sits cross-legged while you cross your ankles behind the partner's back. 

The position brings you close to each other, and at this point, you can stare into each other's eyes. Also, synchronize your breaths, and touch each other slowly and sensually. 

2. Spooning 

Spooning can be a sexual position or a way to cuddle. Given that cuddling is an ideal way to share energy with your partner, spooning is the go-to position for tantric sex.

For the spooning position, you and your partner lie close to each other; ideally, the partner at the back is the energy giver. In this position, let the energy flow freely between you, and make sure that your breaths are in harmony.

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Tantric sex tips

Sex is individual-centered, and you do not need to follow these tips step-by-step, but rather know what works for you. General tips you can follow are:

1. Take it slow

Tantric sex is about being in the moment, and you can take as long as you desire. You can consider edging when engaging in tantric sex, whereby you purposefully hold off your orgasm to achieve even greater physical pleasure.

2. Pace yourself

You do not have to go full tantric! Do not stress over doing every part of the tantric experience at once. You can start with simple activities such as meditating or synchronizing your breath during sex.  

3. Set your goals

For tantric sex, it is not a must that you achieve an orgasm (sometimes you may even opt not to have sex). The objective can be as simple as trying to connect with your partner. Be clear about what you wish to achieve before you begin having tantric sex. 

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