Was Ramona Singer fired from RHONY? Why the Bravo housewife's days may be numbered

Bravo fans are agog over the rumors: Was Ramona Singer fired from The Real Housewives of New York?!

Ramona Singer attends Northwell Health's First Annual Summer Hamptons Evening
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Is it the end of a reality-show era? Was Ramona Singer fired from The Real Housewives of New York? 

That's the word on the street—and social media—following a report by RadarOnline. Bravo producers have been taking a critical eye to their Real Housewives franchises as of late, with Kelly Dodd recently being fired from the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Now it looks like that eye has zoomed in on the RHONY cast, specifically its Pinot Grigio-loving O.G. housewife and Real Housewives All-Stars cast member Ramona Singer.

While Bravo fans wait with bated breath to see if Singer will actually get the ax or not, let's dig into the who's, what's, and why's of Ramona Singer.

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Is Ramona Singer fired from Real Housewives?

“The only original New York cast member who has never left from day one is Ramona Singer but now her time is up,” sources told RadarOnline. (If you're wondering 'Wait, what about Luann de Lesseps?' the former countess was featured in the original RHONY season but was demoted to "a friend" status before returning as a full-time cast member later on.)

The sources continue: “Ramona will not be invited back to the next season of the show, which is currently not in production for a couple of reasons. One, she is too expensive. She is the only lady that has been on the show from day one...and her salary reflects it.”

The currently-airing season 13 of RHONY has been an especially tumultuous one for the reportedly Trump-supporting Singer, as she has been forced to reckon with younger, more progressive castmates like Leah McSweeney and newcomer Eboni. K Williams, the franchise's first Black-American housewife.

“The basic premise of the show doesn’t work anymore,” a source told RadarOnline. “A bunch of older white women behaving badly was fun a decade ago but not today. The world has changed and if the show wants to survive another decade it must change too and that starts with the cast.”

Another source added: “Ramona is furious that the show is changing. She doesn’t understand why her behavior isn’t great TV anymore. After over a decade of being rewarded for saying and doing the things she has done, she does not understand what the problem is.”

Whether Singer gets officially invited back to RHONY for season 14 next year is still to be seen. In the meantime, the Real Housewives All-Stars season looks to be coming soon to Peacock TV, based on an Instagram post from Singer with pics of herself with fellow castmates like New Jersey's Melissa Gorga and Beverly Hills' Kyle Richards. In the comments, Singer told her followers that they can expect the show sometime in November.

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Ramona Singer net worth: What is she valued at?

According to various outlets, Ramona Singer is sitting comfortably rich at a net worth of $18 million. That value comes from a variety of business ventures—she co-founded True Faith Jewelry with her ex-husband Mario and has a jewelry collection for the Home Shopping Network, a skincare brand called Ageless by Ramona, and, of course, a line of Pinot Grigio—as well as real estate. Along with her Upper East Side apartment, Singer has a home out in Southampton, NY. 

Ramona Singer salary: How much does she make from RHONY?

It's been reported that Singer takes home a whopping $500,000 per episode of the Real Housewives of New York. She has been starring in the franchise since it debuted back in 2008. 

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How old is Ramona Singer?

Singer was born on November 18, 1956, making her 64 years old. She is a Scorpio, which is very on-brand for her. 

Ramona Singer siblings: Is she an only child?

Throughout her time on RHONY, Ramona Singer has been forthright about her troubled childhood, growing up in upstate New York in a home plagued by alcoholism and abuse. The reality star has three siblings: Sisters Sonya Mazur and Tanya Pettyjohn, and brother Bohdan Mazur.

Singer's father died in 2009 and both she and sister Sonya were reportedly written out of his will. In her memoir Cocaine & Champagne, Sonya Mazur writes: “Ramona didn’t get anything because she had already amassed a small fortune through her work...I'm fairly certain I was left out because of my lifestyle. He hated the fact that I was gay and never let me forget it.”

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