'Superbloom' relationships will inspire you to kick your situationship to the curb

Bring on the commitment—'superbloom' relationships are on the rise this summer

What are "superbloom" relationships? Pictured: Young couple cuddling looking happy
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Out with the casual, in with the commitment! Like our gardens, "superbloom" relationships are starting to sprout, and it's high time we nourish them.  

One of the more favorable 2023 dating trends, this phenomenon asks singles to embrace a curious yet serious mindset, unlike that of the infamously flaky situationship. Coined by eharmony, "superbloom" relationships are the well-rounded experience everyone's been craving. 

"Daters today are ready for something real, more serious, and physically and emotionally expansive," says Laurel House, a relationship expert with eharmony. "Daters want to feel fulfilled, bright, invested, and happily involved in a relationship. They want deep intimacy and physical and emotional vulnerability, and fun and adventure, plus calm daily mundane life experiences."

Sound up your alley? Here's what you need to know about the trendy dating phenomenon. 

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Laurel House

Laurel House is a relationship expert at eharmony, a dating site devoted to helping singles find real love, and more than two million subscribers have been matched.

What is a 'superbloom' relationship?

According to the dating brand, a "superbloom" relationship is a long-term commitment that is well-rounded and asks partners to tackle new experiences together. 

Research from the company suggests that 43% of daters are in search of something for the long haul and particularly want to take advantage of all that the summer has to offer. (Gen Z and millennials are partial to a beach date.) 

Given that mosting—the super-off-putting behavior that makes ghosting look like a treat—is on the rise, we're certainly glad to see that people are gravitating away from the negativity in hopes of starting something meaningful.

"Situationships were an opportunity to slowly reintegrate into society [after Covid]. Now that daters have warmed up and started to reconnect, they are ready to feel close to someone special again," House says. "Especially now that summer is coming, they want to travel, do activities, and be emotionally vulnerable again."

Having been stripped of those experiences for several years, daters are looking to reclaim what's rightfully theirs. 

Tips for finding a more serious relationship

If you're ready to superbloom your way into a long-term love, House has some advice to help you get started. First things first: be honest about your goals and your values. This will help you find the perfect online dating app, if that's the route you're interested in pursuing. 

"Start by choosing a dating app that aligns with what you’re looking for," House says. "If you see real potential in a partner, have conversations about real topics, like how you see your future."

While you may have an idea about your core values and what is important to you moving forward, it's also important to have an open mind when it comes to trying something new, particularly with a partner. 

"eHarmony recently uncovered Shared Experiences is an emerging love language and it’s a language that daters should explore to build deeper connections," House adds. Doing new things together evokes feelings, creates memories and emotional investment."

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Ready to give these words of wisdom a try? We wish you all good things in your search for summer love—and beyond.

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