Who is Suzanne Marie Sevakis' daughter, Megan Dufrense?

Suzanne Marie Sevakis' daughter appears in 'Girl in the Picture' and sheds light on a wild and heartbreaking story

Suzanne Marie Sevakis daughter Megan Fufrense
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Suzanne Marie Sevakis' daughter learned about her roots not from relatives, but a true crime book of all things. 

While doing some sleuthing of her own, Megan Dufrense uncovered her mother Suzanne's real identity, and the fact that she was the victim of the wicked serial killer, Franklin Floyd.  

"The more I learned, the angrier and sadder I got about everything," Dufrense said in Girl in the Picture, Netflix's new docu-series about the twists and turns of Floyd's crimes.  

Since there are a number of aliases throughout the story, it can be difficult to determine who's who, and where Dufrense falls in this whole scenario, so it's important to backtrack.

Suzanne was kidnapped by her step-father, Floyd, and he raised her as his daughter, changing their names to Sharon Marshall and Warren Marshall respectively. Throughout the young woman's 20 short years, Floyd physically abused her, forced her into sex work, identified as her husband and, ultimately, took her life. 

Although Sevakis had three children, not all of them survived like Megan. Her son, Michael Hughes, was killed by Floyd. 

"I shot him twice in the back of the head to make it real quick," the criminal confessed to FBI agents.

The third child's identity is unknown. 

Who is Suzanne Marie Sevakis daughter?

Suzanne Marie Sevakis daughter Megan Fufrense

(Image credit: Netflix)

Dufrense was born in New Orleans in 1989 and allegedlly given up for adoption by Clarence and Tonya Hughes, the new alias Floyd have given himself and his "daughter" when he decided that she was to become his wife.

Though taken in by the Dufrense family, the young woman began to piece together clues with her biological mother upon finding journalist Matt Birkbeck's book, A Beautiful Child, which is about Dufrense's mother. (Birkbeck is interviewed throughout the documentary.) 

Though she would never be able to connect with her birth mother, Dufrense did reach out to her biological grandparents. Interaction with her grandmother "did not go well," but she was able to connect and form a bond with her grandfather, Cliff Sevakis. 

"I can’t talk to Suzanne but I can talk to Megan and that will...that will do," he said in the Netflix docu-series. 

Megan Dufresne biological father

Though it's unclear who her biological father is, many assume it to be Floyd. 

Floyd is on death row at the Union Correctional Institution in Florida, but the 79-year-old has not received a sentencing. He was convicted in 2002 of killing Cheryl Commesso, who worked alongside Suzanne at a gentleman's club. Though he has admitted to killing his "daughter" and her young son, he was not convicted for either crime.

Check out a further investigation of this story via the You Can't Make This Stuff Up series (opens in new tab), which has a five-part "Girl in the Picture" podcast.

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