Your favorite YA novel is getting the movie treatment—and a TikTok superstar

You loved 'The QB Bad Boy and Me' on Wattpad, and soon you'll be able to watch the story unfold on screen

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Time to get nostalgic about high school football games.

The QB Bad Boy and Me will soon be added to the canon of the best teen movies. The YA novel had an astounding 30 million-plus reads on Wattpad and flew off the shelves when psychical copies hit retailers. Now, it's going to be a binge-worthy watch. 

The story follows cheerleader Dallas Bryan who has her sights set on studying dance at CalArts. She won't let anything—or anyone—stand in her way...even the football team's irresistible quarterback Drayton Lahey.

Since we're on a romance kick after that Bridgerton love triangle and the plethora of reality dating shows, we're all for young love that leaves us with butterflies in our stomach. Take us back to those homecomings, folks. 

'The QB Bad Boy and Me'

"People love escapism. Life can be rough and a good book that sweeps you off your feet and takes you to another place is exactly what we all need from time to time," QB Bad Boy author Tay Marley tells My Imperfect Life.

Soon the same can be said about her movie, which will begin production in summer 2022. The film adaptation is the brain child of Creator+ and Wattpad Webtoon Studios and will be written by Mary Gulino, who worked on Disney+'s Hailey's On It!

Oh, and did we mention the star at the center of it all is Noah Beck of TikTok fame? Looks like he's following along the lines of Addison Rae, He's All That's breakout star. A true nod to Gen Z would of course include casting a TikTok superstar—it's only right. Even Marley credits the platform for its many nuggets of entertainment.

"I love TikTok, particularly booktok. It’s led me to so many wonderful reads and hidden gems," she confesses. "It’s definitely given me a very long TBR list!"


couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity. been preparing behind the scenes for some time now and im just so anxious to help bring this story to life<3

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When will 'The QB Bad Boy and Me' hit screens?

Premiere dates and casting info is still currently hush-hush, but all YA fans will keep their eyes peeled as new information develops. Of course, we will be here every step of the way to provide the scoop. We're all curious to see what's next—and the story's creator is right there alongside her readers.

"I've gotten to know my characters so well and it is exciting to think about getting to see them embodied by wonderful actors. It’s surreal," Marley says. "All the success on Wattpad has been a whirlwind of its own and I’ve been so grateful for every step of the journey."


The QB Bad Boy and Me by Tay Marley

RRP: $9.99, £2.77

Until then, be sure to add Marley's book to your TBR pile this summer, it makes for a fun beach reach. 

Dallas and Drayton—we're waiting here patiently!

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