Who is Tyler, Wednesday Addams' love interest in 'Wednesday'? Meet Hunter Doohan

Tyler's hiding a big secret, and you're going to have to watch 'Wednesday' to find out how their romance unravels!

Tyler, Wednesday's date night in 'Wednesday' on Netflix
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So...what exactly is going on with Tyler, Wednesday Addams' gentleman suitor? 

In the Netflix adaptation of the iconically kooky series, we meet a teenage Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) who is bound for Nevermore Academy. After a few bouts of bad behavior at her previous schools, she begrudgingly dons her uniform and agrees to attend the prestigious institution for young adult outcasts—but not without some resistance. (Morticia and Gomez are among Nevermore's alumni.) 

While there, she comes into contact with a Jericho, Vermont, "normie" Tyler Galpin (played by Hunter Doohan) who works as a barista at The Weathervane and suffers from the loss of his mother (a fact that will be vital in the later episodes). He's immediately intrigued by Wednesday and tries desperately to get into her good graces, which is no easy feat. 

So, who is Tyler exactly, and the actor behind the character? Allow us to introduce you!

Who's Tyler, 'Wednesday's' town 'normie'?

In Wednesday, Netflix and Tim Burton's rendition of the classic story, we are treated to a Gen Z spin, so it only makes sense that Wednesday has a few potential love interests (even if she resists their advances). 

Since Nevermore houses sirens, werewolves (hi Enid!) and other supernatural outcasts, the student body is warned to stay away from everyone else in the small town who's suspicious of the Nevermore community. In true Wednesday fashion, our goth leading lady goes against the warnings and manages to form quite a connection with Tyler, who just so happens to be the son of the sheriff. This works out perfectly, as Wednesday is trying to piece together clues of Jericho's mysterious, grisly deaths. 

Eventually, it appears our stubborn Wednesday gives in to Tyler's advances—you recall their date night watching a horror movie (a.k.a. Legally Blonde)—but can she truly let down her guard with this normie? Is there something he's hiding? You're going to watch to find out how their romance unravels. (Hint: it's definitely not what you were expecting.) 

Who is Hunter Doohan?

Before taking on his role as Tyler, Hunter had other roles in Soundwave (2018), Where We Disappear (2019) and Your Honor (2020), among other projects. Like the rest of us, the actor is remaining hopeful that our horror heroine's story continues with a second season. 

"I’m just as curious as everyone else. I’m hoping it comes out and everyone loves it, and they get a season 2 script," he told TV Insider

Cross your fingers—you, too Thing!

How old is Hunter Doohan?

Born on January 19, 1994, Hunter is 28-year-old. (And he's a Capricorn for those who are in tune with their birth charts.)

Is Hunter Doohan married?

While the actor's feelings for Wednesday are questionable (you'll see why as you dig into the series) Hunter is in love with his newlywed husband, Fielder Jewett, former freelance film producer who is currently pursuing a law degree, according to LinkedIn. The two wed in 2022.

Where is Hunter Doohan from?

The actor is from Forth Smith, Arkansas, and attended Oklahoma City University.

One thing's for sure, Hunter's definitely on our radars now, and we hope we'll see him again as Tyler. But make no mistake, he and Wednesday's relationship will change dramatically in the next season.

"I think Tyler’s got a lot to figure out about what to do next," Hunter further revealed to TV Insider. 

We'll (hopefully) see you back in Jericho.

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