'Unsolved Mysteries' season 3 has returned to keep you awake at night

Topics range from abduction and disappearances to murder and paranormal activity

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Unsolved Mysteries season 3 (volume 3) has hit Netflix to satiate our never-ending need for true crime

If this sounds like a bit of déjà vu, you'd be correct. Unsolved Mysteries originally aired from 1987 to 2002 on both CBS and NBC, but now, the series creators John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn have given an update to their classic project. The first revamped volume began streaming on Netflix in 2020, and now, we're anxiously waiting the third installment. 

Like the new Jeffrey Dahmer series and its subsequent documentary, Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes, there's some heavy material. The main difference? There's no closure with these tragedies. 

"There are people out there that know the truth. I hope they come forward and talk to us," we hear an interviewee state in the Unsolved Mysteries trailer.

Topics range from abduction and disappearances to murder and paranormal activity—a variety of areas we're unable to explain. Here's what you need to know about the next round of episodes. 

'Unsolved Mysteries' season 3—everything to know

'Unsolved Mysteries' season 3 trailer

Although this teaser does not dig deep into specifics, unsurprisingly, we get a taste of what we're in for: grieving families, dead-end leads and a dire need for answers, whether we're discussing a missing person's case or an unexplained phenomenon in the sky. 

'Unsolved Mysteries' season 3 release date

The nine-part series will debut in three installments on Tuesdays, October 18, 25 and November 1. Each episode tackles a different story. 

'Unsolved Mysteries' episodes

Curious what's in store for your next few Tuesday evenings? We have the details about the episodes of Unsolved Mysteries volume 3, per Newsweek.

Episode 1 (October 18): Tiffany Valiante was on her way to becoming a successful athlete, but the 18-year-old lost her life after being struck by a train several miles from her home. It seemed like a horrific accident, but small tidbits—like her shoes being discovered in a completely different location than her body—made people suspicious that this accident was planned. 

Episode 2 (October 18): March 8, 1994, something was hovering in the sky over Western Michigan. Three hundred people witnessed it, but none of them could provide an explanation. 

Episode 3 (October 18): A father lost his life under tragic circumstances, but it was hard to put an end to the case when his suspected killer seemingly vanished without a trace. 

footage of Tiffany Valiante from unsolved mysteries season 3

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Episode 4 (October 25): There's a lot happening in Sin City, crime included. The fourth episode in the series follows a death in a Vegas hotel. 

Episode 5 (October 25): People have spotted a 9-foot-tall being deep in the Navajo deserts—and there's proof. But how come we haven't been able to identify this creature?

Episode 6 (October 25): Josh is M.I.A., but what happened to him, exactly? It's time to find out. 

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Episode 7 (November 1): Patrick Mullins intended to go for an evening boat ride, but sadly, he ended up losing his life. Authorities ruled the case as a suicide, but unsettling details suggest otherwise.

Episode 8 (November 1): If you thought you had problems as a renter, wait until you uncover what's going on with the ghost in Apartment 14. 

Episode 9: (November 1): The final episode will delve into a child's disappearance at the hands of a parent. Although specifics have yet to be released, the success of Netflix's Skye Borgman doc, Girl in the Picture, makes us wonder if we're revisiting the Sharon Marshall case

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 streams on Netflix on Tuesday, October 18, 25, and November 1. The first two volumes are also available on the streamer.

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