How to watch the new Warren Jeffs documentary, 'Prisoner of the Prophet'

In the new Warren Jeffs documentary, the FLDS leader's 65th wife shares her account of trauma, abuse and life after fundamentalism

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The FLDS church is back in the news thanks to the new Warren Jeffs documentary series, Prisoner of the Prophet, the latest true crime documentary to dig into the polygamous cult. 

In 2022, Netflix dissected the inner workings of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints with Keep Sweet, Pray and Obey. Now Brielle Decker, one of the 70-plus wives of church leader Warren Jeffs, is sharing her story.


What is the new Warren Jeffs documentary about?

Told from the point of view of Brielle Decker, who became Jeffs' 65th wife at just 18 years old, Prisoner of the Prophet allows her to give outsiders a look at what took place within the abusive cult. Not only does she discuss Jeffs' marriages to underage girls, but she recounts her imprisonment in the group's "House of Hiding" and what it took to escape—something she did barefoot after years of torment and abuse.   

"They told me at one time, they said, 'If you kill yourself, we'll tell everybody it was an accident. But if you don't, we will kill you and tell everybody you did it yourself,'" she revealed in an interview with Fox 10

What happened to Brielle Decker?

Once Decker (born Lynette Warner) escaped the cult, she managed to gain access to Warren Jeffs' 28,000-square-foot home in Colorado City, where she and his many other wives once lived. With the help of the Phoenix Dream Center, she transformed the location into a refuge for other women looking to escape the cult. 

Unsurprisingly, her horrific experience left a lasting impact but Decker decided to use her journey as a way to move forward. Now, Decker is married and relishes in showing off the love of her adopted family. She works as an activist and a certified peer support specialist for Mental Health America of Utah, according to her website

Where to watch 'Prisoner of the Prophet':

Prisoner of the Prophet is available for streaming on Discovery+. The first three episodes are available as of Monday, January 30. 

What happened to the FLDS and Warren Jeffs?

Many have asked, "Does the FLDS still exist?" According to sources, there are members of the community who are still practicing and who still believe in guidance from Jeffs, even though he is presently in jail. He's made a lasting impression, according to Salt Lake Magazine: "We see Jeffs’ ghost continue to haunt the town with his influence, dividing Short Creek into faithful and 'other.'"

Jeffs is serving a life sentence plus 20 years at the Louise C. Powledge Unit in Palestine, Texas. The self-proclaimed prophet earned a spot on the notorious FBI's Ten Most Wanted List in 2006 after fleeing Utah on felony charges of accomplice rape for arranging a marriage between then-14-year-old Elissa Wall and her 19-year-old cousin, Newsweek reported. 

Prisoner of the Prophet is now streaming, along with various other documentaries and shows about cults, but do note that the programs cover heavy material.

If you or someone you know should be in danger, contact authorities or utilize resources from the National Domestic Health Hotline or the American Psychology Association

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