Where is 'Saint X' filmed? Here's where to *really* book a trip if you've been inspired by the fake Caribbean locale

Have the 'Saint X' filming locations made you think about your summer vacation plans? You're not alone

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Thinking about a getaway? If you are a curious fan asking, "Where is Saint X filmed," rest assured you're not alone. Plenty of people tuning in are looking to learn more about the tropical paradise where the show takes place—minus the tragedy that unfolds while there, of course. 

In the new book-turned-series, the Thomas family ventures to the fictional Caribbean Island of Saint X for a luxurious beachside stay at Indigo Bay. Things take a frightening turn right before their departure when their eldest daughter is found dead on Faraway Cay. (Speaking of which, we have a few theories about who killed Alison.) 

Fast-forward 20 years and Emily (played by Alycia Debnam-Carey) is living in Brooklyn—like most millennials—and trying to regain a sense of normalcy. After all, her family's tragedy was national news for most of her childhood. But when she runs into one of the men suspected of taking Alison's life, things will soon start to spiral out of control for our protagonist. 

Despite the heavy material, we must admit that the filming environments look top-notch. Let's dig into the locales!

Where is 'Saint X' filmed abroad?

When it comes to the tropical scenes, Saint X was filmed in the Dominican Republic, particularly the capital and chief seaport of the country, Santo Domingo, in addition to Punta Cana and San Pedro de Macorís, according to The Cinemaholic. If the aqua-blue water and silky-smooth sand have enticed you to find a beach read (and a piña colada), the IRL locales are Playa Macao and Macao Beach.

Trip Advisor claims the DR is a "beach-lover's paradise" complete with white-sand beaches and "gingerbread" Victorian architecture. The country's particular draws include the Damajagua waterfalls, 3 Eyes National Park and Saona Island. (If this sounds up your alley, check out where to travel in 2023 based on your star sign!)

Where was 'Saint X' filmed in the US?

When it comes time to catch up with adult Emily, post-tragedy in her adult life, we meet her in Brooklyn in and around Clinton Hill, Bed-Stuy and Park Slope, neighborhoods where you'll find brownstone-lined streets with many a coffee shop and quaint store.

"A sense of place drives everything I write," Saint X author Alexis Schaitkin told Entertainment Weekly. "I like the feeling of movemen that switching between these two settings creates in the book: One chapter, you’re at a Caribbean resort; the next, it’s a frigid winter night in Flatbush. But mostly, I like the way these settings are in conversation with each other."

While the locales are the real deal, you might also be wondering, "Is Saint X is based on a true story?" Well...it's complicated. The author added that her time abroad in Thailand post-graduation was the driving factor that forced her to examine "looking at, and beneath the surface of, spaces created for the tourist gaze," she told the American Booksellers Association.

Grab a copy of Saint X by Alexis Schaitkin (available at Amazon)and dig into the thriller with your book club. The series premieres on Hulu on Wednesday, April 26 and airs weekly on Wednesdays until May 31. 

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