Where to travel in 2023, based on your zodiac sign

Thinking about where to travel in 2023? An astrologer looks to the stars to uncover your perfect vacation spot

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We turn to the stars for many reasons, including where to travel in 2023. 

If you've taken a look at your 2023 horoscope predictions, you might have noticed a powerful year ahead, one where we get to build on our most authentic selves. For some (looking at you, Leos!), that means exploring and traveling. 

Regardless of what your astrological birth charts indicate, we're all long overdue for a getaway, especially after the hectic three years we've just experienced. Luckily, an astrologer honed her craft to help us all plan the perfect getaway. 

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Where to travel in 2023, based on your zodiac sign:

Celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman worked alongside OnlineCasinos.co.uk to uncover where exactly each member of the zodiac should venture over the next 12 months, all thanks to tracking down each sign's astrocartography lines. 

According to the brand, astrocartography lines are "locational astrology, which allows people to decipher which physical locations are best suited to them based on their birth chart."

Have you packed your suitcases yet? Here's where Honigman says you're headed.

Aries: Alaska

The gorgeous scenery and expansive national parks in Alaska will give the curious, passionate Aries lots to do while vacationing. Plus, the location is sure to satiate their need for an adrenaline rush.

"Aries will always have somewhere to explore here," Honigman says.

Taurus: Los Angeles

If you're a Taurus, you might want to make your way to the City of Angels for a quick getaway—there's plenty to experience. 

"Great food and extensive views are a true joy to a Taurus, and it doesn't get bigger and bolder than Los Angeles," Honigman insists. 

The grounded earth sign likely will be more impressed by the scenes and the experiences than the celebs walking around L.A., though. 

Gemini: New York

A Gemini is always on the go, so it makes sense to venture over to the City That Never Sleeps. From snagging pizza slices to hitting the best museums and New York has plenty to offer, day or night. 

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Cancer: Iceland

"Between magical views of the Northern Lights and geothermal lagoons, Cancer will never tire of relaxing in one with nature," Honigman says.

If a Cancer can enjoy hygge vibes away from home, they're sold!

Leo: Bordeaux

"Between scenic beaches and exclusive vineyard tours, Leos will be able to find their true self," Honigman says.

We'll cheers to that! A bold, fiery Leo would agree.

Virgo: Rome

Pretend you're vacationing at The White Lotus (you know, minus the murder). 

"The ideal destination for the neat and traditional Virgo is Rome, where they will undoubtedly relish an enlightening guided tour of the city's ancient architecture and feel at home in the chic modern shopping areas," Honigman says.

Don't forget the pasta!

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Libra: United Arab Emirates

A Libra can't resist something elegant, and it doesn't get much more elegant than the UAE. 

"Between luxury hotels and a mass of incredible culture, Libras will love discovering what this country has to offer," Honigman notes.

Scorpio: Sri Lanka

A Scorpio is thoughtful, curious and looking to experience life to the fullest, so it's no surprise that the water sign wouldn't mind straying off the beaten path. 

"While exploring the rich heritage of the Gangaramaya Temple or coming up close to wildlife, Scorpios may find a little serendipity," Honigman says.

Sagittarius: Tokyo

Sags are born travelers, so they'll truly revel in all that the Japanese capital has to offer, from its bustling neighborhoods and out-of-this-world cuisine. 

Capricorn: Melbourne

Capricorns are a practical sign that appreciate thought and compassion, so why not venture to one of the friendliest places in the world? 

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Aquarius: New Zealand

New Zealand's natural habitats will really draw in an Aquarius, the zodiac's humanitarian. 

"They will want to get truly lost in nature in New Zealand. With luscious open spaces and an abundance of beautiful scenery, Aquariuses can do just that."

Pisces: Hawaii

The water sign can get in touch with its roots surrounded by the islands' countless gorgeous beaches. Kick back, relax and feel the sand between your toes!

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