Tom Schwartz talks #Scandoval in an unhinged interview and the internet has some serious thoughts

That wild 'WWHL' Tom Schwartz episode is a hot topic of conversation for *many* reasons

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In arguably one of the cringiest episodes of WWHL, Tom Schwartz gave his two cents on #Scandoval and somehow managed to infuriate Bravoholics even more than they already are. 

As we patiently wait for what will be a disastrous Vanderpump Rules reunion—thanks to Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss' much-publicized affair—Schwartzy, Sandoval's BFF, got the ball rolling on Wednesday, April 5, during a Watch What Happens Live appearance. The interview with host Andy Cohen started out somewhat strong, as Schwartz took note of his friend's horrible behavior, but he also suggested that fans need to take a step back with the bad behavior of their own.

"I just want to remind everyone to take a breath. He knows what he did is terrible, so does Raquel," Schwartz noted. 

That's fair enough, but, naturally, things didn't stay calm for long. Here's what went down. 

What happened during that wild 'WWHL' Tom Schwartz episode?

Tom Schwartz's commentary quickly took a turn for the worse. Firstly, getting a straight answer from the reality star was nothing short of a project for host Andy Cohen. But what really seemed to upset fans, however, was that he appeared to lie about when Sandoval had told him about the affair. 

"I learned in August, in late August about the affair, the one-night stand — allegedly," Schwartz said. He followed up that reveal: "In January, Tom came to me … and he told me that he was in love with Raquel. I was flabbergasted."

Fans grew angrier when Schwartz revealed that he had this sensitive information and chose not to inform Ariana Madix, Sandoval's partner of nearly 10 years. (Oh, that Ariana Madix reunion dress? It's killer.) 

"He did a good job of placating me. And he told me he has a game plan, he's gonna do the right thing—and then he just kind of continued to kept procrastinate," Schwartz said. 

He added: "I was consumed in my own little world. And maybe I should have been more proactive about it. In my defense, I did tell Tom exactly what he needed to do. He agreed, and then he didn't do it."

But what truly threw Pump fans for a loop was the fact that Schwartz seems to be sympathetic to his cheating friend, despite it all. 

"[Tom] knows he's a monster for what he did. If you see him, give him a hug. Maybe he doesn't deserve it, but give him a huge. He's down bad."

A hug? A hug, Schwartz?!

Fans react to Tom Schwartz's 'WWHL' interview:

Unsurprisingly, it didn't take long for viewers to take to social media to share their thoughts on this disaster. And for the record, it doesn't seem as though anyone's giving Sandoval a hug anytime soon.

1. The timeline has us baffled

So, when did you learn about the affair, Schwartz?

2. Schwartz talks in circles

We're trying to piece things together, but it's a little difficult.

3. 'Give him a hug' was not the way to go

No one is responding well to the hug commentary—Katie Maloney included. 

4. PR team, assemble!

Maybe nerves got the best of him, but Schwartz could use a little coaching when it comes time for these types of Q&A's. 

5. Andy is *all* of us

We feel you, Andy. We're just as baffled.

Guess it's safe to say this is the appetizer before the reunion. Hope you enjoyed the snack, folks!

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