These are the top new dating trends of 2023, according to AI

Some of these dating trends are going to shock you!

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AI is predicting dating trends? 2023 has seen weirder things. 

While we were busy embracing new romantic fads like Blue Sky Dating and soaking up all the juicy details from the Love is Blind reunion recap, Lovehoney decided to do some technological digging. The sexual wellness brand fed ChatGPT 40+ dating terms and descriptions, along with a command, in order to generate the next big 2023 dating trends

We'll admit, the findings definitely yielded some accurate results. But there were also a few stragglers—looking at you, "Smell Dating"—that left us scratching our heads. If you're curious or find yourself in need of some inspiration for your next Hinge meet-up, let the bots be your guide!

Have a notepad handy? ChatGPT predicts these common themes are on the rise in the dating department:  

  1. Social Fitness, like Fating, involves going on fitness-related dates
  2. Pet Parenting is as delightful as it sounds: dating with Fido in tow
  3. Solo dating is less about a partner and more about trying new experiences for yourself: think Main Character Energy without the supporting castSolo dating
  4. Anti-Social Media means connecting IRL as opposed to meeting on dating apps or social media sites 
  5. Slow Romance is all about building an authentic connection before rushing into a relationship
  6. Snack Dating is a casual date focused on food, like a coffee date 
  7. Ghost Seasoning is essentially sprinkling in Ghosting behaviors more frequently
  8. Smell Dating, a rather odd concept, is picking a partner according to their scent

While we can definitely make the case for some terms, like "Pet Parenting" and "Anti-Social Media," other ideas like "Snack Dating" and "Social Fitness" aren't exactly new phenomena, but they're definitely worthy of a trial run. We admit, we worry that
"Slow Romance" can lead to a never-ending situationship, which opens up a whole new can of worms. This could possibly be one to skip.

Then there's "Smell Dating," which completely came out of left field. Don't get us wrong, we're totally enamored with all of the latest TikTok perfume hacks, but we don't necessarily see this interest seeping into our love lives, and the experts agree. 

"The only one that’s completely missed the mark is smell dating; I really can’t see this taking off any time soon," Lovehoney sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight confesses.

On the whole, however, she believes that the findings are definitely intriguing and worthy of copying, but perhaps not necessarily groundbreaking 

“Dating, and romance in general, is an extremely nuanced topic with a ton of variables, that you probably have to have a lived experience of to really understand," Knight says. "So, while the AI was nearly there on some of these concepts, it hasn’t fully grasped the idea of dating trends…for now!”  

Which trends will you try? We'll see you at the dog park!

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