'Love is Blind' reunion recap: here's everything that happened

Yes, the 'Love is Blind' reunion was *sort of* live this year! Here's what went down....

Host Vanessa Lachey in episode 410 of Love is Blind.

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That's a wrap on the Love Is Blind season 4 reunion, and we'll admit, things got off to a pretty rocky start, considering tech glitches caused an hour-plus delay. (Obviously, the internet was fuming.) 

Once things were finally rocking and rolling—and everyone took a moment to decompress—the Love Is Blind season 4 couples regrouped to discuss their progress over the past year. Here's what went down:

Key points:

  • After the tech glitch, the reunion began at 9:18pm ET, and it was no longer live 
  • Netflix later revealed the reunion will be available to stream at 12pm PT on April 17 (3pm ET and 8pm for those in the UK)
  • All of the married couples are still together 
  • Brett and Tiffany are wonderful—that's it, that's the bullet point
  • Zack addressed Irina, and though he has forgiven her, he accused her of joining the cast for a shot at fame
  • Kwame's mom has met Chelsea, and yes, Kwame's sister Barbara is NOT a paid actor
  • Micah and Paul dated after breaking up at their wedding, but it did not last long
  • Jackie and Josh are still together, but did not attend the live event 
  • In interview footage, they alleged that Marshall wanted the ring back to propose to another woman in the pods
  • There was a short clip from Bartise (Love Is Blind 3's new dad) asking couples about the baby situation 
  • No babies are on their way from Love Is Blind season 4 couples...yet
  • The end of the reunion teased The Ultimatum: Queer Love, which premieres on May 24.
  • Live reporting by Danielle Valente and additional reporting by Mariana Cerqueira

love is blind season 4 cast members in bubbles on a pastel background

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What time is the ‘Love is Blind’ reunion?

The Love is Blind reunion will air live on Netflix on Sunday, April 16 at:

  • 8pm ET
  • 7pm CT
  • 5pm PT

Nearly there...

Host Vanessa Lachey in episode 410 of Love is Blind.

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How long will the 'Love is Blind' reunion be?

This is the very first time Netflix is doing the Love is Blind reunion live—yep, we're witnessing history tonight! However, this does mean we don't know for sure how long the season 4 reunion will be.

We've done the hard work for you and checked the exact length of previous Love is Blind reunions—they're usually around one hour long so we're expecting the same timing for this one.

  • Season 1 reunion: 53 minutes
  • Season 2 reunion: 64 minutes
  • Season 3 reunion: 63 minutes

Could the Love is Blind season 4 live reunion be longer because it's the first live event or will they keep it to the traditional hour? Not long until we find out...

How to watch the 'Love is Blind' live reunion

Given that it's the very first live reunion, you're not alone if you're wondering how to tune in. After all, this is only Netflix's second live event (the first, Chris Rock’s comedy special, happened last month).

It's actually quite simple. Here's how to watch:

  • The live stream will start 10 minutes before the reunion as a waiting room—all you have to do is click on the Love Is Blind reunion 
  • The live stream will start at 8 pm ET (7pm CT/ 5pm PT)
  • You can join late and choose if you want to start watching from the beginning or watch live
  • If you exit the stream, you can rejoin by finding the show in your 'Continue Watching' row. You can choose to watch from where you spotted or get back to the live event

Netflix Love Is Blind season 4 cast and couples in bubbles on a pink background

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Curious about the Love Is Blind season 4 cast zodiac signs? Our readers certainly have been.

Our breakdown of the contestants' astro identities has been one of our most popular Love is Blind pieces during this season, giving fans a glimpse of which couples could make it:

  • Tiffany: Sagittarius
  • Brett: Scorpio
  • Zach: Aries
  • Bliss: Libra
  • Irina: Scorpio
  • Chelsea: Taurus
  • Kwame: Aries
  • Jackie: Capricorn
  • Marshall: Virgo
  • Josh: Gemini
  • Micah: Pisces
  • Paul: Libra

What were the most shocking moments of ‘Love Is Blind’ season 4?

There were plenty of “Oh my God” moments throughout the season—and then some! 

Let’s start with Micah Lussier and Irina Solomonova, the mean girls. While temporarily living alongside the other women, the two laughed at another cast member's heartbreak (the same person competing for Paul’s attention as Micah). Then, Irina needled Bliss, Zack's other connection, to get under her skin and drive a wedge between her rival and her connection. Micah got a little too close to her other connection in the pods, Kwame, who was engaged to Chelsea. Both women issued apologies. 

We'll admit, Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi got off to a bit of a rough that he proposed to Irina Solomonova first. After that disaster of a relationship, Zack quickly backtracked and realized he had broken up with the wrong girl. Though no one likes to be the second choice, Bliss was cautiously optimistic when she began dating Zack after his breakup, but despite the bumps along the way, she knew she had found her one—and accepted his proposal. 

zack and bliss love is blind season 4 second-chance couple on a boat cuddling

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"I'm engaged to Zack," Bliss says in a confessional. "Life is weird. It's exciting and shocking. I feel so cheesy saying this, but I knew that he was my person from just hearing him—our first date."

Things between Jackie and her fiancé Marshall grew rocky once they moved back to Seattle. Between Jackie worrying about family obligations and the two not seeing eye-to-eye on lifestyle choices, it seemed as though they were not headed in the right direction. Plus, it didn't help that Marshall had referred to his connection with Jackie as a "project," considering she had never been in a serious relationship before. 

Ultimately, Josh from the pods reemerged to win Jackie back…and it worked. The two were spotted on a date at the Seattle Mariners game on April 3, 2023, seemingly solidifying their relationship. Jackie’s text messages seemingly hint that she pursued Josh while still engaged to Marshall, though her Instagram explanation denies it. What’s the truth?! We’ll find out!

Who will be at the 'Love is Blind' live reunion?

We can expect all the couples who walked down the aisle to be at the Love is Blind reunion: Tiffany and Brett; Zack and Bliss; Chelsea and Kwame—plus Micah and Paul, the only couple who walked down the aisle but did not say 'I do'. 

But can we expect anyone else to join? Well, looking at previous reunions… yes. 

Season 1 reunion

For the reunion after season one (the golden days of Lauren and Cameron), the couples who had weddings were also joined by Diamond and Carlton, who broke up (in a very dramatic fashion) during their holiday in Mexico. 

Season 2 reunion

This one was…eventful. Remember Shayne? Six couples got engaged during season two but only five walked down the aisle. The ones who didn’t—Shaina and Kyle—still made it to the reunion.

Season 3 reunion

Season three's reunion was also on the dramatic side but all of the couples there did indeed walk down the aisle. 

Season 4 reunion (TBD)

Based on our *very* scientific analysis, we predict everyone who made it to Mexico will be at the reunion—that includes Marshall, Jackie, and Irina. Plus Bliss, of course—she didn’t make it to Mexico but she did get a ring!

The jury is still out on Josh, who may have rekindled things with Jackie (the two were spotted out on a date recently).

Fans of the show are getting very excited that the reunion is happening live this time. Time to sort out the snacks, folks!

The biggest questions we have ahead of the 'Love is Blind' reunion

As usual, before Love Is Blind reunions, we have lots of questions. The show was recorded around a year before it premiered (March to May 2022), which left plenty of time for things to unfold. Needless to say, we're curious where everyone stands now. 

First of all, we want an update from our three married couples: Tiffany and Brett; Zack and Bliss; Chelsea and Kwame. How is married life? Is everyone still together? Any developments?

During the last LIB reunion, we heard Alexa and Brennon were thinking of having children and that Colleen and Matt weren’t yet living together... after being married for a year. What will our new couples have to tell us?

Then we’ll probably want to get into the Jackie and Marshall situation. Are they friends, or at least friendly now? Is Jackie still with Josh? Is Marshall with someone else?

Moving on to Micah and Kwame. The two were very flirting behind their partners’ backs—now that all the contestants will have had a chance to see the show, will they have anything to say about those steamy conversations?

And finally, Irina. She’ll probably be in attendance given our analysis of previous reunions and the fact that fans have given her a really tough time over her mean girl behavior. What will she have to say about that? Did she ever make a move on Paul after he didn’t marry Micah?

'Love Is Blind' is running late, and the internet is NOT having it

No folks, you're not the only one with tech issues. The show is running 15 minutes behind...supposedly. Netflix revealed the issue on its social media pages.

In the meantime, the internet has decided to do what it does best: complain about the tardiness on social media. We found some gem tweets about the little snafu, and as Brett would say, "This should not happen. This is avoidable."

Think this is a sign of what's to come? We're not sure what to make of this whole fiasco. Hopefully, no one fell asleep. (We kid, Tiffany, we love you!)

'Love Is Blind' broke the internet

"Apparently we broke the internet! Thank you guys so much for tuning in and being patient! ❤️ We’re here and READY! #LoveIsBlindLIVE," Vanessa Lachey posted on Instagram. 

It's finally time!

At 9:18pm ET, the show FINALLY got going! (Though it's no longer live.) Let's get to it!

Micah apologizes to Chelsea in a never-before-seen clip

Micah and Irina in the pool in Love Is Blind season 4 giving off mean-girl stares

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We were worried throughout the entire season about Chelsea and Kwame...largely thanks to his lingering feelings for Micah. But in never-before-seen footage, we get a look of the two ladies squashing the beef. 

In the clip, the two ladies—and their dogs—meet to discuss the infamous Mexico flirtation between Micah and Kwame.

"To say we weren’t threatened by each other would be a lie," Chelsea said to Micah during their talk. Ultimately, Micah apologized to Chelsea for the comment she made to Kwame during their Mexico getaway, hinting at their "failed" proposal.

When reflecting on the footage with the audience, Chelsea admits that the discomfort is long gone and added, "Micah and I had a resolution. I believe that she's grown."

Kwame then interrupted to apologize to his wife—and her family. 

Kwame's mom actually exists, and there's proof

Chelsea and Kwame on Love is Blind season 4

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In one of the biggest Love Is Blind conspiracy theories of the season, fans alleged that Kwame's "call" to his mother—who was not pleased with his involvement on the show—was fabricated so he could weasel his way out of his union with Chelsea. 

She is, in fact, real and welcomed Chelsea wholeheartedly at Thanksgiving dinner, Chelsea said.  

"It was a wonderful first visit, I felt like 'I'm home,'" she revealed during the reunion

(Oh, and Barbara is Kwame's real sister, not a paid actor.)

Zack forgives Irina...but did not hold back

zack and irina in bed on their honeymoon on love is blind season 4 looking pissed off

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Zack and Bliss, both eloquently, told Irina that they've forgiven her. However, Zack was a little harsher when addressing his former ex for the first time. 

"You went on this show to get famous," he accused her. 

Bliss, for her part, kept things friendlier and questioned how she could treat such a wonderful person so horribly. Bliss told Irina, "I just really hope that you grow from this." 

One thing's for sure, the season's mean girl has been put in her place. 

In a move no one saw coming, Micah and Paul dated after their wedding

paul and micah love is blind season 4 couple on their balcony in seattle, wa.

(Image credit: Netflix)

They might've had a disastrous wedding day, but Paul and Micah weren't entirely convinced that their connection was kaput after the altar. Surprisingly, Paul admitted during the reunion that the two dated after their wedding day. 

"It was pretty brief here in Seattle," he admitted, noting that Micah had to venture back to her place in Arizona

Once he headed to the Grand Canyon State for a weekend with Micah, their communication ended again...for good this time. 

Wait, is *THAT* why Marshall wanted the ring back?! 

Marshall in season 4 of Love is Blind

(Image credit: Monty Brinton/Netflix)

Jackie and Josh are going strong, but what about Marshall? He definitely doesn't seem to be on speaking terms with his ex. The reunion featured interview footage of Jackie and Josh, during which she alleged that Marshall wanted the ring back because he wanted propose to another girl. 

WAIT, WHAT?! This is certainly the first we're hearing about this...

According to Marshall, that's not so—even though he did go on a date with someone else from the pods after his split with Jackie (Keisha). 

"It was a symbol of my love. We picked out those rings, and in that moment, I felt like 'That's for her [Jackie],'" he said about the reasoning behind asking for the ring back.

Though there's definitely some hard feelings between the two, Marshall said he wants the hatred to stop, seemingly referencing how fans are taking sides.

"The you verses me thing needs to die," he said. 

Is someone from 'Love Is Blind' season 4 pregnant?!

Auntie Vanessa wants nothing more than a Love Is Blind baby, and she's dying to know when the couples are going to start their families. In a short clip, we hear from Bartise from season 3—in case you haven't heard, Bartise is a father now—asking when the newlyweds will get to it. His little fella needs a friend, after all. 

Well, it doesn't look like anyone will be expecting anytime soon. The consensus is that the pairs are just enjoying their marriages right now. 

"We want to have our lives set before we bring a life into this world," Tiffany said. 

Netflix teases its next relationship series

The Love Is Blind casting for season 5 might still be underway, but reality TV fans will have something to sink their teeth to in the meantime: The Ultimatum: Queer Love, which premieres on the streamer on May 24. Have a look at the teaser and mark your calendars! And, if you need a refresher, here's what went down during The Ultimatum ending in the debut season. 

Okay, folks—if you missed out last night and want to catch up, you've probably noticed the Love is Blind reunion is not working on Netflix at the moment. But worry not because Netflix promised it will be dropping globally at 12pm PT on April 17 (that's 3pm ET and 8pm for those in the UK).