Bella Hadid shares advice on how to deal with Covid fatigue and it's melting our hearts

Let's all take note from Bella...

bella hadid in black and white dress at fashion event
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The end of the year is in sight and boy has it been a real rollercoaster ride. We’ve battled loss, loneliness and crazy levels of anxiety (try these meditation apps to help with that one!). But one thing that’s for certain is that the global pandemic has affected everyone, celebrities included.

And while the A-list might be able to ride out the storm in their supersize mansions with acres of land, they still get Covid fatigue, just like us regular guys. 

Bella Hadid took to Instagram to share how she’s been battling the sad vibes and unmotivated feelings by supporting organizations and communities around her. 

She revealed that everyday she looks up and contacts different groups and communities and then sends them whatever she can to help, whether that’s making donations or talking with people on the phone. Her latest find is Queen’s Care Collective, a group of residents who support their community to create a more compassionate world that meets the needs of all.

“I’m gonna be real with you guys. I wake up a majority of the time sad, fatigued and unmotivated, especially when I’m not working everyday like I usually do. As an empath, I feel my body is telling me I need to not only take care of myself , but continue to engage and support the communities around me . To receive happiness and love in your heart , you must first and foremost give love and happiness to others.”

In the post to her followers Bella urges fans to donate to the organization, writing: “I think it’s so impressive that if we spend just $80, Queens Care will prepare a whole month worth of farm grown meals for families in need. They deliver meals for 85+ families across the Bronx, but there are still families on their waiting list! Let’s help them help others.”

It sounds like a pretty good way to beat Covid fatigue and do some good tbh.

Lydia Swinscoe
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