The best breakup songs for you according to your zodiac sign

Embrace your heartache, one tune at a time

Embrace your heartache, one tune at a time
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Nothing helps kick start the long, dull healing process of a broken heart quite like a shared experience. That’s why some of the world’s most popular songs, movies and books are about the love we found and subsequently lost.

Luckily, Psychic World have taken a deep dive into the world of astrology and come up with the breakup songs we should all be listening to, according to our zodiac signs. Much like picking the best flowers to suit your zodiac sign, these are the tunes you should play when your love life isn't going so well...

Sagittarius - I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston

Anyone born under the archer sign of Sagittarius finds a breakup harder than most and they will often try to reclaim their lost love once it’s over. If it doesn’t work out, Sagittarius can brood over a breakup for months, making Whitney’s I Have Nothing is the one for you.

Capricorn - Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande

Great at accepting reality and realising why a relationship didn’t work out, Capricorns may be sensitive souls but they know when to leave something in the past. Enter Ariana Grande’s hit tune, Thank U, Next.

Aquarius - Hurt by Christina Aguilera

Big on overanalyzing when it comes to relationships, Aquarius need a lot of support from friends when a break-up hits. Hurt by Christina Aguilera will help too.

Pisces - Heavy by Anne Marie

Pisces people aren’t big on confrontation or sorting out their relationship issues, preferring to leave problems simmering. When relationships fizzle out, turn to Anne Marie’s Heavy.

Aries - Truth Hurts by Lizzo

Often Aries get a sense of empowerment from a breakup as they like to make all of the decisions when it comes to love. That’s why Lizzo’s banging hit Truth Hurts will be the one for you!


Lizzo's Truth Hurts is for all you heartbroken Aries 

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Taurus - Say Something by A Great Big World

Taureans love being in love so when it comes to crunch time, they’ll fight and fight to keep the love alive. If it does all come crashing down, turn on Say Something by A Great Big World and feel all the feelings.

Gemini - All Too Well By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s All Too Well will connect with Gemini on a load of levels. Characterised with their ever changing moods of sensitivity and confidence, Geminis can often get overwhelmed by their breakup sadness at first.

Cancer - A Million Reasons by Lady Gaga

Super sensitive Cancerians will hold onto a relationship until the bitter end, but when it’s over, it sure is over. That’s when Lady Gaga’s A Million Reasons comes in - turn it up loud!

Leo - Everytime by Britney Spears

This sad song from Britney is perfect for when Leos are going through a tough time. Leos really crumble as a relationship ends and they can have a hard time processing their emotions.

Virgo - What Now by Rihanna

Keen to avoid conflict Virgos will hold their head high and walk away once they know time is up on their current love interest. What Now by Rihanna will be their perfect companion.

Libra - Someone like You by Adele

Libras like to work hard keeping a relationship going and would rather take a break than end things for good. If it does end, Adele’s Someone Like You will resonate as Libras always like to remain on good terms with exes.

Scorpio - Josslyn by Olivia O’Brien

Scorpios can let their ex become an obsession so they need an upbeat, calming song, which is where Olivia O’Brien’s song Josslyn comes in. It’s hard for Scorpios not to be overcome with emotion, so go easy on yourself!

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