Single and facing 'dating burnout'? You're not alone

Dating can really become a chore

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Dating, in general, can be exhausting, especially when you’re navigating all the new dating trends like ghosting, situationships, and trying to spot the green flags in a sea of red. The best dating apps can make dating and meeting fellow singles easier (especially in pandemic life) but apparently, they can also lead to dating burnout.

We all know that burnout can strike when you’re feeling overworked, stressed, and too busy but it can also happen when you’re dating, according to dating-app Badoo—especially after a string of unsuccessful dates.

When you’re experiencing disappointment after disappointment in your love life it’s bound to get exhausting. More so when time and time again you’re matching up with people that you’re incompatible with, or are not open about what they actually want.

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In fact, Badoo found that 78% of users related to the feeling of dating burnout. Many said they actually felt stressed because of mismatched intentions with potential partners. 

It’s understandable, there’s nothing worse than talking to someone for weeks and finally going out on a date, only to find that actually, they’ve not been honest and share none of your aspirations for the relationship—no thanks! 

Badoo found that on average, singles were having about six failed dates a year with many saying they were left feeling like their time had been wasted, not to mention their emotional energy. 

82% of daters said they wished they could be more honest with their dating intentions themselves, while others said societal pressures were playing a role. 

27% of people said they wanted a serious relationship because it was expected of them by family and friends, while 60% said they feel people make assumptions about their intentions based on their age and gender.

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To help with this, Badoo is actually launching a new feature, for daters to clearly outline their intentions on their pages—to cut down on mismatching and subsequent burnout.

Users must put either: 

  • Here to date: “I want to go on dates and have a good time. No labels.”
  • Ready for a relationship: “I’m looking for something that lasts. No games.”
  • Open to chat: “I’m here to chat and see where it goes. No pressure.”

Natasha Briefel, Marketing Director at Badoo says: “Dating is more fun when you’re on the same page. After finding that mismatched intentions are one of daters’ biggest bugbears, we set out to create the antidote. The new feature helps daters to find people looking for the same thing as them, and get to what they want, sooner.” 

You'll be able to see someone's intentions and what sort of relationship they're after before you even start chatting, which means no more time-wasting and hopefully no more bad dates. Though you'll never really know if you're truly a match until you start dating, this will at least help you weed out the game players!

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