Are Grace Van Patten and Jackson James White dating IRL? Everyone's more convinced than ever

Fans think that Grace Van Patten and Jackson James White took their romance offscreen—and new pics point to 'yes'

Grace Van Patten and Jackson James White at the 2022 CFDA Awards
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Lucy Albright and Stephen DeMarco are in love, but what about Grace Van Patten and Jackson James White?

 The actors behind the toxic duo in Tell Me Lies on Hulu just might be getting cozy off-camera. Though fan speculation is simply that—DeuxMoi allegedly spotted them dining out and smooching—neither actors have given a public confirmation that they are attached in real life...until now, that is.

Are Grace Van Patten and Jackson James White dating?

All signs seem to point to "yes," the two are together. 

White recently confessed to having "such a crush" on his co-star, saying on the October 25 episode of the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast: "She is the f*cking coolest, most grounded, amazing person IRL that you'll ever meet. She was the fearless leader on our show. She's 25 years old and runs a set like she's been doing this for 30 years. She's so consistent and good at this."

He continued, "All I'm saying is that I'm obsessed with her because she's f*cking amazing."

Looks like the sentiment is shared by Van Patten, who said on E!'s The Rundown on October 21 that Jackson is her "biggest crush ever." 

The co-stars have fueled romance rumors in the past few weeks, attending a Ralph Lauren spring/summer 2023 fashion show together on Thursday, October 13, and a Giambattista Valli dinner on Tuesday, October 18, in Los Angeles.


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Then, suspicions grew on November 7 when the two were spotted holding hands at the CFDA Awards in New York—both wearing Tom Ford, no less, which seems like a calculated couples' move.

Not only did they arrive to the glamorous event hand-in-hand, but they were spotted getting cozy in the photobooth, as White evidenced on Instagram. He took a photo of the pictures from the photobooth, and one black and white image—seemingly of the two kissing—was blocked by an emoji. Well, that's saying quite a bit without saying anything at all!

Then, one day later, he posted a steamy image with Van Patten on the 'Gram touching tongues. The caption read, "if we kiss can we get a s2 @hulu."

So it is real or just savvy marketing? 

"Fans should just leave it up for mystery. Keep it fun," Van Patten told ET about the relationship rumors. "It's fun like any other discussion about the show. It's engaging and it's hilarious. I love it."

Van Patten is relatively quiet about her personal life, but she has been linked to Nat Wolff from 2017 to 2021. Considering she's been mum on social with Wolf for about a year now, fans are wondering if things cooled off, or if she simply doesn't want to share anything online. 

White is also private when it comes to his romantic life, and he hasn't disclosed any information about a partner, which is why fans are suspecting that this could open up the possibility for romance. Plus, the co-workers do have great chemistry while on set—Van Patten has admitted it.

"Jackson and I were so comfortable with each other instantly," she told The Independent Tribune. "We talked about (those scenes) with (producers Karah Preiss and Meaghan Oppenheimer). Knowing exactly what the dynamic was made it feel very safe."

But once the camera starts rolling, the two are engulfed in an incredibly unhealthy relationship, so much so that Tell Me Lies author Carola Lovering insists we don't follow in Lucy's footsteps.  

"Don't mistake the intoxicating excitement of lust for love, because they're completely different things," the author tells My Imperfect Life. "Try to dig deep and prioritize self-love. [But] know that you're not alone. So many women (and men) have been Lucy; so many of us have felt the shame of debasing ourselves for a person who doesn't deserve us."

We'll keep you in the loop on what transpires next, dear reader. In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed for Tell Me Lies season 2—let's hope that smooch worked!

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