"I'm a huge skincare nerd!": Hailey Bieber reveals the two ingredients she looks for in her skincare

Spoiler: you'll scan all skincare ingredients lists after reading this.

BERLIN, GERMANY - NOVEMBER 20: Hailey Bieber attends the Calvin Klein "A Night of Music, Discovery and Celebration" event on November 20, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Sebastian Reuter/Getty Images for CALVIN KLEIN)
(Image credit: Sebastian Reuter / Stringer/Getty Images)

Hailey Bieber's favorite skincare ingredients will have your dermatologist voicing their approval if intense hydration and a boost in collagen production are your top priorities.

There's no denying that Hailey is a keen beauty aficionado, frequently taking her Instagram followers through her favorite products (the best vitamin C serum , for example) and being completely transparent about her own skin issues, including peri-oral dermatitis. But while hosting a bareMinerals Zoom event this week for beauty editors and influencers (Hailey is bareMinerals' brand ambassador) she also revealed she's a "huge skincare nerd!". 

On the subject of bareMinerals new Ageless range Hailey said: "The entire bareMinerals Ageless range has the benefit of peptides. Peptides are on of my favorite ingredients to have in skincare, they're so beneficial for the skin. I've seen so much difference from using products that have peptides in them. During quarantine I've actually been spending a lot of time on my skincare routine and looking at what ingredients are in my skincare. I just love learning more and more about skincare and what these ingredients do."

It transpires that another key ingredient Hailey looks for is squalane. "I absolutely love squalane. It's a really amazing skincare ingredient and it makes this formula [an all-new bareMinerals foundation] feel so nice on my skin. My skin is on the drier side and I can feel the foundation hydrating my skin whenever I put it on."

Judging by Hailey's stellar glow throughout the event, we'll be scanning the ingredients list on products for her two go-to ingredients forthwith.