How to use Spotify Receiptify to impress everyone (or embarrass yourself) with your top tracks

We know you're on a Bad Bunny kick. We have the receipts—the Spotify Receiptify receipts, to be precise

Spotify Receiptify receipts on a green background
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Spotify Receiptify will spill the tea on all of your awkward musical binges, so don't even try to cover up that newfound Jonas Bros obsession. 

We have quite a ways to go before Spotify Wrapped makes its annual return, so to keep us busy during the summer months, a third-party app called Herokuapp stepped in with a genius idea: Spotify "Receipts."

If you're looking to share the wealth with your spectacular playlist, or if you're curious to know what tunes your friends would recommend as of late, here's what you need to know about Spotify Receiptify.

What is Spotify Receiptify?

With the help of an external app, Spotify Receiptify analyzes your music habits in the app to generate receipts of what you've been listening to. You can gather info from the past six months, see your top songs of all time and even your most-played artists, to name a few. When all is said and done, the final product looks like a grocery receipt. Adorable!

Spotify Receiptify on a green background

(Image credit: Future)

How do you access Spotify Receiptify?

  • 1. Head over to the Herokuapp Receiptify Top Track Generator and download 
  • 2. Login with your Spotify account credentials (Google, Facebook, Apple or email) 
  • 3. Tap "Agree" to let Herokuapp access your data
  • 4. Find your receipt of choice (Top Tracks, Top Artists, etc.) 
  • 5. Download the image 
  • 6. Share with friends...or keep to yourself!

If you like Spotify Receiptify, try these fun tools

Spotify Receiptify isn't the first time someone got crafty with playlists. The astrologically-in-tune will appreciate that Spotify's 'Only You' feature will provide a birth chart reading based on the artists you listen to. Meanwhile, a Spotify Pie Chart will give you a scientific analysis of your playlist, and the Spotify Color Palette Tool will select hues based on your go-to artists.

Ready to give the latest playlist trend a try? We can't wait to see what you've come up with!

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