Instagram's rolling out a new 'Take a Break' feature, and it's exactly what we need

'It does what you think it does,' Adam Mosseri says of new Instagram 'Take a Break' function

Woman wearing headphones and jacket using smart phone while standing in city
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The new Instagram 'Take a Break' feature is a rollout that reminds us we need to decompress every once in a while. As enticing as those beauty videos may be, and as much as we love a good #dogstagram addition, sometimes we need to step away from our screens. 

Lately, it seems as though many of us are questioning our tech habits: "Is Instagram bad for mental health?" "Is social media harmful?" The list goes on. 

In order to make the social experience more positive and personalized, the app is taking steps towards setting up boundaries, something we might not be able to accomplish while doom-scrolling. 

"It does what you think it does," Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, says in a video reveal discussing the function. "If you opt in, it encourages you to take a break from Instagram after you spend a certain amount of time on the app—10, 20, 30 minutes."

Instagram 'Take a Break' feature: what to know

Over the next week or so, a small percentage of users will be invited to test out the potential new feature. They'll be able to opt in and set up a timeframe for when they'd like a reminder to press pause—10 minutes, 20 minutes, etc. They'll be prompted to participate in other activities, such as journaling or listening to music. 

"This, by the way, is part of a broader effort to try and give people more control over their experience of Instagram," Mosseri adds. "Ultimately, you know what's best for you when it comes to how you use the app."

Should the company receive positive feedback from the rollout, it is something app users could see within the next month or two, according to Mosseri. In the meantime, we'll have to be mindful of taking social-media breaks on our own!