'Juiced-up' skin: meet the new clean beauty trend for 2021

When clean beauty and the produce aisle hook up.

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With sales of orange juice soaring in the pandemic, you're probably on pretty good terms with your citrus press. Now Whole Foods is naming 'juiced-up' skincare as one of the biggest beauty trends of 2021.

"Produce-aisle favourites are now playing starring roles in new beauty products," claimed the Whole Foods's trend report. "New skin-care and self-care essentials will make you rethink how to take full advantage of top superfoods. From celery and mushrooms to blueberries, who knew that your go-to ingredients for juices, smoothies, and salads could help your skin appear a little brighter and firmer?"

Who knew indeed? But with the wellness industry now worth approx $4 trillion, it makes sense for the beauty world to tap into its influence. Step aside best retinol serums as a cursory glance at ingredients lists is set to read more like the menu at your local juice bar with kale, broccoli and green tea playing starring roles.

Celery's ability to boost hydration in the body is vaunted so it's hardly surprising that it's performing the same role in our best moisturizer for dry skin. Blueberries are a great source of antioxidants and dermatologists recommend an 'inside and out' approach by including them in our diets as well as applying them topically to defend against the ravaging effects of UV and pollution. 

Although a lesser-known skincare ingredient, mushrooms are considered powerful anti-inflammatories - and given that most symptoms of ageing are linked to inflammation, they're good for S.O.S moments.

Fancy trying the trend? Keep scrolling for some 'juiced-up' skincare heroes...

Celery: Cocokind Pore Refining Concentrate 

Avocado: Yes To Avocado Cream Mask

Wheatgrass: Philosophy Nature In a Jar Balm Mask 

White shiitake mushroom: Biossance Squalane + 10% Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum