Fans are convinced that Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner are on a romantic European vacation together

Here's why everyone suspects that Timmy and Kylie have taken their romance abroad...

Are Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet vacationing together?
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Sources suspect a tropical Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet vacation is currently underway, despite the breakup rumors that surfaced at the beginning of August '23. 

The Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet dating news broke early this spring, much to fans' surprise—untyping at its finest. Though the two have not been spotted out together publicly, onlookers are piecing together clues on social media to uncover whether or not they're out and about abroad. Hmm...

Let's do a bit of sleuthing to see what's happening, shall we?

Are Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet vacationing together?

On Sunday, August 20, Mr. Wonka himself posted an Instagram thirst trap, quite literally. Along with the caption "summer24!" he posed swimming in what appeared to be a cave-like area. But they weren't selfies: someone had seemingly snapped the pics. Unsurprisingly, a location wasn't specified. 

Then, when we turn over to the beauty mogul on August 20, she posed in an off-brand low-key white tank and jeans while enjoying a sun-soaked, verdant area overlooking mountains. Some onlookers believe she might be in Italy, especially considering the next batch of photos to appear on her account included family snaps while making homemade spaghetti bolognese. (Props to them—it looked delicious!)  Let's not forget about her bikini-clad beach shot, either, which was also surrounded by caves. Lastly, a blurry pap picture is circulating, seemingly of the two in hiding while in Paris, but it cannot be confirmed or denied. 

So...are they both abroad together? Is Mr. Chalamet part of the Kar-Jenner excursion? Is Kylie taking time away from her family getaway to spend with her new flame? None of the pictures are geo-tagged, so we cannot say for certain. Whether or not they're away, the pros do insist they're keeping a low profile while getting to know one another. According to reports from TMZ, "Our sources say everything is cool between the two. They’re still an item and any reports that say otherwise are false."

Those on social seem to think Kylie's change in appearance has something to do with her (potential) other half: "Kylie in her Timothee era," one Instagram user commented. Another chimed in with, "Switching up her style since she's been dating Timothy."

Twitter reacts to Kylie and Timmy's romantic vacay

Of course, it didn't take long for social media users to chime in with their thoughts on the potential getaway. "No bc both Timmy and Kylie both posting their holidays on the same day rlly feels like a soft launch," one eagle-eyed Twitter user posted. 

Even if fans haven't caught the couple out and about, and are still not entirely convinced of their union—or vacation—you best believe everyone's keeping a watchful eye for any social media slip-ups and/or pap shots. We'll keep you posted!

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