Long gloves are our favorite new glam fashion trend—here's how to wear them

We've spotted 20's style long gloves on the likes of Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Sydney Sweeney, and we reckon we have a trend on our hands

Collage of Megan Thee Stallion, Julia Fox and Dua Lipa, all wearing long gloves
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Fashion trends tend to come and go with every new season, though some can stand the test of time to live forever in your capsule wardrobe

And while others trends may not become wardrobe staples—like the dopamine dressing trend—they can add a touch of fun to our outfits for a while; which leads us onto the effortless chic (though slightly extra) trend of long gloves, or opera gloves, if you want to be extra boujie. 

It seems that the 1920’s operatic-style gloves are having somewhat of a renaissance (inspired by Bridgerton season two perhaps?) And we must admit, we’re a bit obsessed with this ultra-glam trend.

The long gloves trend—where have we seen it?

While they may seem a bit out there, we have spotted a number of celebs embracing the look recently, providing us with some serious style inspo. The likes of Olivia Rodrigo, Alexa Demie, Dua Lipa, Sydney Sweeney, and even Bella Hadid have all been rocking the trend.

Long gloves were even featured at Paris Fashion Week at shows like Moschino, Off-White, and Valentino. 

How to wear the long gloves trend

Long gloves can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit, and despite their very ‘dressy’ look, they are actually surprisingly wearable.

You could go for the uber glam fluffy trimmed option, paired with a simple black dress—or, go edgy like Julia Fox, and opt for mesh gloves, for a more subtle look. We reckon the opera gloves trend is best paired with a little black dress (LBD) or flattering pair of black trousers and a sleeveless top. 

Pairing with a mini skirt or leather trousers and a corset will also equal a seriously cool look. Or perhaps try opera gloves and a cute 90s slip dress, for a sexy date night look? Whatever you choose to wear them with, we guarantee you'll instantly feel like a modern-day Marilyn Monroe, one woman who helped to make this trend so iconic.

If you fancy trying out long gloves for your next night out, thanks to their popularity among the stars, they are easy to shop for and can be found in lots of different colors and styles.

Right now you can find both designer gloves, from Fendi and even Balenciaga, to super affordable high-street alternatives. So whatever your preference, you can find the perfect pair. It’s clear retailers are just as invested in this look as we are…

Where to shop the long gloves look:

THE ROW, Dovera ribbed cashmere gloves, $425 £350 | NET-A-PORTER

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If you're after some luxury gloves, you can't go wrong with these cashmere gloves from The Row.

Women's Long Satin Finger Gloves Elbow Length 1920s Opera Bridal Dance Gloves, $8.99 £14.04

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A cheaper alternative to the designer option, these gloves have a lovely sheen to them and will definitely help you achieve the glam look.

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