Is 'Love Is Blind' Tampa next up on Netflix?

Here's what casting calls suggest

love is blind woman standing behind door ready to be revealed and meet her match
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Attention, Floridians: a Love Is Blind Tampa casting call wants to help you find your match. 

Should the likes of the Love Is Blind deleted scene—the Cuties Catastrophe—and the sheer drama between broken pairs not deter you, why not take a shot at applying for Love Is Blind season 4?

The hopeful romantics venturing into the pods certainly encountered heartbreak along the way, but a few success stories (like Alexa and Brennon) seem to suggest that getting engaged, sight unseen, might (For a select few, anyway.) 

For those who are feeling adventurous in the love department, here's what's going on with the series—and how you can potentially be part of it.

Is 'Love Is Blind' Tampa up next on Netflix?

Netflix's experimental dating show places daters in pods and only allows them to talk to their potential matches before their engagement. Once they say "I do" without laying eyes on one another, contestants are then introduced to their match and tasked with putting their emotional connection to the test in the real world. 

The first three seasons have taken place in Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas, respectively, and everyone's curious what the streamer has in mind next. There are currently casting calls for the following cities: 

  • Tampa 
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Detroit 
  • Charlotte

Create a profile with Project Casting—essentially the LinkedIn for those looking for time in the spotlight—and submit an application for Love Is Blind. Do keep in mind that the posting at the time of publication is several weeks old, but still accepting submissions. 

Netflix is mum on the details for the fourth installment, but we have a feeling there will be plenty of romance and drama to keep us coming back for more. Should you want to go a more traditional dating route, have a look at our expert-backed first date tips before meeting your potential match! 

We hope you're lucky in love, no matter how you go about finding it. But do be warned: the pods are not for the faint of heart. 

Catch Love Is Blind season 3 streaming on Netflix now.

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