Inflatable sex toys are blowing up, and shoppers are loving these customizable pleasure gadgets

Lovers' new line of inflatable sex toys is pumping up the pleasure, quite literally!

Lovers new collection of inflatable sex toys
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Move over, pool floaties. Inflatable sex toys are a different type of buoyant accessory making a splash. 

Though not necessarily waterproof, these goodies are gaining traction in the midst of the sex boom for offering different pleasure options, according to sexologist Marla Renee Stewart, MA, a sexpert for Lovers. She claims this is all part of a "whole new era."

"Sex tech is an ever-growing market, and people want their sex toys to have a personalized fit," she notes.

So yes, the best sex toys are the ones that are customizable, and being able to adjust accordingly is a top selling point amongst shoppers. 

"These inflatable toys are advantageous because you can inflate them to the girth that suits you best," Stewart says. "Whether you prefer a smaller girth, are a size queen, want to practice leveling up to be a size queen, or are somewhere in between, these inflatable toys provide individualized pleasure. "

Marla Renee Stewart

Marla Renee Stewart is a sexologist at Velvet Lips and Lovers, and a lecturer in gender and women's studies at Clayton State University. She's also written for a variety of academic publications and presented at conferences. Above all, her goal is to get people in touch with their body, mind and spirit.

Shop Lovers' new line of inflatable sex toys

Lovers' new line of inflatable sex toys includes three goodies: the Bubble Butt Inflatable Vibrating Anal Plug, the Insatiable G Inflatable Rabbit Vibrator and Satisfyer Air Pump Bunny 5 Inflatable Rabbit Vibrator.

Although the personalized sensation has scored points with shoppers, Stewart adds that these gadgets are multifaceted, thanks to their ability to help with discomfort.

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 "Inflatable sex toys can help those who may experience pain with penetration; these folks can work through the pain gradually due to the customizable element of the inflation," Stewart notes. "Folks with vaginismus may find that these toys help them take more control of their penetration."

Throwing the term "inflatable" into the mix might conjure up images of flamingo pool floats, but rest assured these gadgets are made with body-friendly silicone and ABS Plastic. (Yes, this means they're safe.) 

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