'Shallowing' is a trendy self-pleasure technique, and these new toys will make the experience even more sensational

If you were curious about 'shallowing,' you'll want to add these goodies to your self-pleasure toolkit

three new sex toys from the playboy pleasures 2nd drop, including one for shallowing, on a purple background
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Word's out that solo sex is responsible for women's most intense orgasms, so naturally, "shallowing" has piqued everyone's curiosity. 

Don't discredit a party of one: there are plenty of techniques that make the solitary act sensational, quite literally, from guided masturbation to edging. Now that shallowing is gaining traction in the masturbation lexicon, Playboy Pleasure, the brand's design-forward sex toy line, will cater to the act. Here's what you need to know. 

What is 'shallowing'?

First thing first: what is "shallowing," exactly? 

“Shallowing is a practice targeted to the introitus to the vaginal canal," said sexologist Marla Renee Stewart, MA. "When you are shallowing, you are paying attention to the body and noticing the nerve endings in the vaginal entrance. Shallowing, performed by 'dipping' the tip of a toy or a penis into the vagina, stimulates this area rich in nerve endings and is a great way to tease the body."

Playboy Pleasure's second drop, which is available exclusively at Lovers, will put extra emphasis on the act with one of its handy new goodies, Ring My Bell, a vibrating ring-shaped toy. Also included in the drop are the Arch, a flexible, vibrating dual-stimulation toy, and Tap That, a deeply curved tapping vibrator.

Marla Renee Stewart

Marla is a sexologist at Velvet Lips and Lovers, and a lecturer in gender and women's studies at Clayton State University. She's also written for a variety of academic publications and presented at conferences. Above all, her goal is to get people in touch with their body, mind and spirit.

Shop the Playboy Pleasure Drop:

Looking to add to your sex toy collection? These are the three notable new items from the Playboy line.

Though they are all waterproof, flexible, and latex-free, Ring My Bell is the toy that will specifically cater to shallowing.

"Try using a toy like Playboy Pleasure Ring My Bell to apply varying amounts of pressure, vibration, and circling around the vaginal opening to provide a new array of sensations for this erogenous zone," Stewart suggested. "The 1-inch tip of Ring My Bell offers shallow penetration for those looking for a 'less is more' sensation.”

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