TikTok's obsessed with the MSCHF big red boots, but we have *a lot* of questions

When it comes to the MSCHF big red boots, cost and practicality don't appear to be on shoppers' radars

MSCHF big red boots on a red and pink background
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If you thought UGG slippers were impractical, meet the MSCHF big red boots: cost, comfort and practicality aren't high on shoppers' lists, as the coveted jumbo shoe has skyrocketed to fame on TikTok. 

In between beauty hacks like the Korean blush nail trend and dating how-to's (looking at you, triangle method!), the video app has stumbled upon these designer boots that look like something straight outta Mario Kart. But regardless, it seems everyone has to have MSCHF's "cartoon boots for a 3D world."

A little product info about the viral accessory: they're rubber, are meant to blend "virtual and IRL aesthetics" and are "not really shaped like feet but they are extremely shaped like boots," according to the brand's website. If you need to be anywhere in a hurry while wearing these shoes, we wish you the best of luck, though we suspect they come in handy when it's raining.


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MSCHF big red boots cost: how much are they?

MSCHF big red boots cost a pretty penny: $350. You can opt to sign up for more information about their release if you feel as though you need a pair for your closet.

When is the MSCHF big red boots release date?

The wait won't be long now: the big red boots hit shelves on Thursday, February 16 at 11am ET on MSCHF'S website and sneaker app. 

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Celebs wearing MSCHF big red boots:

It appears a few famous faces already got their hands on MSCHF's highly anticipated release. These boots might not be made for walkin', but they're definitely setting a trend.


Diplo rocked the red boots while court-side at a basketball game...and received a lot of backlash for his fashion choice. 

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Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae had some impressive Glass Onion outfits, but as of late, she's swapped Andi's chic, tailored pieces for these babies.

Coi Leray

It looks like everyone, including Coi Leray, is opting for the red boots before venturing to basketball games. 


Let the record show that Dora the Explorer's right-hand man is the one who kicked off the trend.

Will you be snagging a pair when they hit shelves, or will you leave the trend to your favorite cartoon characters?

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