Do orgasms help productivity? A new study investigates

Apparently, work and play *do* mix. Here's what to know

Do orgasms help productivity? A new study investigates
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Do orgasms help productivity? A new study suggests that "more orgasms would make for a cost-effective way to stimulate the economy" and Lelo, the sexual wellness brand behind the research, isn't kidding. 

Not to replace brainstorming sessions or pitch meetings, orgasms can seemingly help make things more efficient in the professional department (but not necessarily while at said professional department). Who knew?! If this fusion of work and play seems...interesting, we'll catch you up on the study's details.

Do orgasms help productivity? What Lelo's study says

Per Lelo's findings, what happens between the sheets can affect how we behave in the cubicle. (Is that why WFH sex has been on the rise?) Orgasms in general offer a mood boost that can transcend into various aspects of our day-to-day. 

According to those surveyed, here's what they said about the correlation between their sex lives and work days:

  • 60% of respondents noted increased productivity when they are having regular orgasms 
  • Specifically, 84% of Americans shared that they were more relaxed and less stressed after having an orgasms

If you're looking to crank out Excel sheets and breeze through calls effortlessly, perhaps your O from the previous night's activities can put you in a stress-free state of mind. (And should you want to add to your toy collection, these goodies promise satisfying results. Psst: here's how to clean your sex toys, according to experts.)

What is Lelo doing about these findings?

We've learned that masturbation has phenomenal skincare benefits and self-love has led to women's most intense orgasms. Now that we can add an increased work drive to the mix, it seems the Big O is unstoppable. 

In honor of the findings, Lelo is allowing its UK staff the opportunity to take up to four days a year as "self-love days" in addition to their allotted PTO. Think other companies will follow suit? Is it only a matter of time before self-love days become the new mental health days? We'll take it!

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