Masturbation has phenomenal skincare benefits, according to glowing new study

Once you uncover these skin-boosting masturbation benefits, you just might swap that serum for a vibrator

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Forget the cleansers and moisturizers: good skin is one of the best masturbation benefits around, with one study making a convincing case to replace serums with the best app-controlled vibrators.

For those who take their wellness regimen seriously, plusOne's glowing new study (opens in new tab) is worth noting. The brand indicates that achieving the big O through solo sex not only gives you a little pep in your step—improved sleep quality, a mood boost and decreased depression symptoms—but has the potential to make your face look fresh. Who knew?

While surveying women ages 30 to 55, plusOne carefully monitored how activating pleasure points with different types of vibrators and sex toys benefitted participants, and let's just say you'll be inclined to bask in that after-sex glow after reviewing the results. 

Skin-boosting masturbation benefits

According to the study, after four weeks of orgasming through masturbation at roughly three times per week:

  • 64% of women reported that their skin looked brighter
  • 66% of women reported that their skin looked more radiant

And after eight weeks of orgasming through masturbation at roughly three times per week:

  • 56% of women reported improved skin texture
  • 59% of women reported tighter and firmer skin
  • 66% of women reported an overall improvement in their skin

Feeling convinced yet? We're not ready to bid adieu to our face creams and cleansers, but any new method for achieving a dewy glow is welcome. And, considering women's most intense orgasms are through masturbation, we're thinking that a round of solo sex might not be such a bad idea. 

Who would've thought that the biggest skincare trend of 2021 wouldn't be dermatology-related at all?! Check out plusOne's study in further detail if you're curious about orgasms' myriad health benefits. Don't forget to have a look at our favorite hands-free vibrators and take advantage of that Ella Paradis Halloween sale. (No tricks, just treat!) 

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