The sneaky way to score Peacock Premium for free ahead of the Olympics

Trust us, it's a win-win situation

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Athletes are gearing up for competition, and Peacock is providing Olympics buffs with access to any sporting event their hearts desire...almost. There are a few exceptions here and there, but being the savvy streamers that we are, we'll fill you in on how to score a subscription freebie (and even some treats) in the process. After all, you deserve something sweet to go along with your gymnastic competition binges. 

Curious about the Olympics 2021 schedule? Peacock TV is streaming most of its coverage for free, but if you have your heart set on watching premium events live (including Men's basketball), that'll require you to sign up for Peacock Premium for $4.99 per month. 

Now is the time to seriously consider cashing in on Peacock and Winc's bundle deal. For $29.99 per month, first-time subscribers to the wine delivery service will receive a code that grants them access to three free months of Peacock Premium. Sip and stream and raise your glass when Simone Biles nails an unthinkable routine yet again. 

Peacock and Winc's bundle deal

Peacock x Winc Bundle $29.95/mo

Peacock x Winc Bundle $29.95/mo

Purchase four bottles of wine for $29.95 and enjoy three months of Peacock Premium for free. After a brief survey, you'll receive wines that are specifically catered to your likes. 

After a few short Q's, you'll be able to customize your wine box with four bottles specifically catered to your preferences. From there, you'll get your Premium Peacock code, create an account, and start your marathons! What could be better? 

You can also opt for curated packs that pair particular wines with a combination of shows: there's the "Back to Reality Pack" (filled with Vanderpump Rules, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and other E! and Bravo hits), "LMAO Pack" (which includes Parks and Recreation, Girls5EVA, and other LOL-worthy series), and the "Feel-Good Pack" (this comes equipped with Bridesmaids, Friday Night Lights, and other comforting selections). 

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