Ray J weighs in on the Kim Kardashian sex tape drama that aired on new Hulu show

Will the Ray J- Kim K dilemma ever come to an end?

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New show, same issue. The Kim K-Ray J sex tape is once again a hot topic of conversation. 

On a new episode of The Kardashians on Hulu, the scandal we thought was long gone resurfaced...again. Ahead of Kim Kardashian on SNL, the realty star and SKIMS founder thought another salacious clip was about to hit the internet—not ideal, especially before hosting New York's most iconic show. 

Viewers witness Kim grappling with the stress of the early 2000s tape as she practices monologue bits and seeks professional help from the biggest comedians in the business. In her Manhattan hotel room on the day of the show, she reveals to her family and friends that Kanye got her a present. 

"I want to show you guys what [Kanye] got me,” she said. “He got me all of the sex tape back. And he got the computer it was on and the hard drive. He met with Ray J at the airport, and he got it all back for me.”

Let the record show Kanye flew coach to make this transaction happen, a point noted several times throughout the episode. 

Ray J weighs in

We further hear Kim state on episode three: "It was just footage of us at a restaurant, at a nightclub. Nothing sexual. Nothing weird." 

She breathed a sigh of relief, went on to host the show—and we'll admit, she pleasantly surprised viewers with her performance—and ultimately, it seemed like the past was finally put to rest. 

But now Ray J has something to say about the topic. 

"All of this is a lie smh - Can't let them do this anymore - so untrue," he wrote under a Hollywood Unlocked Instagram post after the episode aired on April 28. 

So, what is the truth? Will this issue get squashed once and for all? Well, at least it redirected us from that Kim Kardashian Photoshop dilemma, right?

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