This is why This is Us wasn't on this week - and when you can catch episode 3 of season 5

This is Us season 5 has got us hooked

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When the long-awaited season 5 of the hit NBC show This is Us kicked off last week, it was instantly clear we were in for a dramatic ride. But after drawing us in with plenty of cliffhangers, secrets and what-if moments, fans are still no closer to finding out more.

Viewers were left disappointed this week as it emerged that there would be no new episode airing. And with more and more of us looking for things to do in lockdown, waiting seems harder than ever. In fact, we’ll have to wait until next Tuesday to find out what happens next. 

The promo video NBC released for the next episode teased even more drama to come as these plot threads finally begin to unravel.

Was This is Us on this week? 

After a wild ending to the second episode, it seems speculating is all we can do right now as the next episode's air date was pushed back.

This is all due to the US 2020 Election which took place on Tuesday 3 November. In place of the usual instalment of This is Us drama, lies and romance, the major networks including NBC aired election coverage during the primetime hours.

So when can we see This is Us season 5 episode 3 in the US and the UK?

With people across the world wondering how to cope with election anxiety, thankfully there is some good news for This is Us fans. The show will return to it’s normal 9pm ET slot on Tuesday 10 November, providing some much-needed escapism. The episode will be available the next day - Wednesday 11 November - for UK viewers on Amazon Prime.

With the promo teasing more details about the adoption and more of Kevin and Madison it seems we’re about to see our patience pay off. 

Until then, we might just have to indulge in some more brilliant theories!


Warning: Spoilers ahead!

During the first two episodes of the new season, we learned that Kevin and Madison are still expecting twins, Rebecca is recovering from memory loss and Toby and Kate may have found a child to adopt. 

And if that’s not all, as Randall is still yet to reconcile with Kevin. Though viewers have also discovered that his biological mother Laurel *might* still be alive after all. Say WHAT?! 

Fans have already been going wild on theories about this particular cliffhanger and where Laurel might be now.